LEGUMES - peas and beans grow then died

by Leon Knowles
(Katherine NT Aust.)

I have four 'no-dig' gardens and have had great success with most vegies. However, this year all my peas and beans grew to about 120mm tall then died. I have tried several varieties, and even planted seedlings. All died!
A friend has suggested my soil is too rich. Is this possible? I live in the tropics, and can normally grow most vegies year-round.

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Aug 13, 2009
Pod pant problems
by: Anonymous

I grow sugar and snow peas yearly and last year I read where planting one's peas in a row where the soil is mounded higher than the rest of the soil helps with drainage. The two years prior I had to replant several times because the seed didn't germinate evenly.So this year I did it this modified way and all seemed to go great. Peas esp. tend to rot easely in too damp of conditions. If it isn't a bug maybe you could use a raised bed set up.You are in the tropics so maybe you should make some modifications to find success. Hope you do find success

Aug 24, 2009
peas n beans
by: bill t perth w.a.

Leon, you dont give much to go on. for your plants to suddenly grow then give up and die, I'm scratching my head.
Firstly peas are a winter crop. the seeds should be planted about 15-20 cm apart in rows about the same distance apart. Well drained soil,(you dont say if your doing no dig or direct in the ground). either way once you have sown the seed then watered no more watering until the first shoots appear then continue watering as required.They will need support, Aprox 1m high, then regular feeding and watering.
Beans are a summer crop, but where you live(N T) you get (may I suggest) a lot of rain so maybe a bit of protection in this area may be helpful. May I suggest if you can, try having a look at A.B.C. gardening australia on saturday evenings they invite questions have a marvelous presenter from N.T.
Good luck Bill T. :)

Jun 04, 2010
To anonymus, on rotting peas, beans
by: billt

Thanks, your sugestion about damp wet is welcome. Not sure about beans, they are a summer crop, but peas — wet the soil, plant the seeds, then no more watering till first shoots appear.
Cheers Bill T :)

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