lemons bursting

by Prudence Alberts
(Bangalore, India)

I have a lemon tree (Italian variety which are longish) and it was bearing beautiful fruit until recently when the lemons started drying young on the trees and some even bursting. What could be the reason?

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Jul 26, 2010
Lemons bursting or drying up
by: Megan

I'd say the reason for your lemons to burst or shrivel is because of uneven watering. If lemons and other citrus lack water or suffer harsh conditions, they can dry up. Then what often happens is they split if heavy rain or irrigation happens after a long dry spell.

Aug 10, 2013
irregular watering NEW
by: bill t

Thanks Megan. This drying, out fruit splitting,is a common problem due to irregular watering.
From tomatoes to oranges to melons and lemons. Please ensure the watering is consitant. The amount should be enough acording to your climate and plant needs but the most important part of watering is keep it regular. Happy gardening. Bill T

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