Lettuce Disease

by Carol
(Zone 8)

We have a 12 x 16' backyard greenhouse, unheated, where we attempt to grow lettuce through the winter months. Each year we are having increasing problems with a disease. The plants turn to mush right at the base where the leaves meet the roots. In 24 hours they go from a healthy plant to a very sick one. Is there anything to help? I usually start the lettuce in flats and then transplant them so that the plants are spaced far enough apart. Help!

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Feb 25, 2011
Rotten lettuces
by: Jean Claude

Zones are so confusing, because sometimes areas, like your zone 8 get freezing temperatures and sometimes not. But it does sound like you are losing your lettuces to cold and wet conditions.

As soon as you get conditions of bad ventilation and excess moisture, fungus can quickly grow, whether in warm or cold environments. This is especially so with tender leafy lettuce plants.

I don't know what sort of fungus you have, but you definitely need to look at the growing conditions, such as:
reduce the watering.
never water in evening before the cold nights.
try and let the soil surface dry out during waterings.
plenty of air circulation, but not cold blasts on plants.
soil mix could be wrong--don't use peat, use a substitute.

Also look at growing a more suitable, hardier variety for your area, and finally as a precaution, use an organic fungicide-- even home made ideas help as suggested right here on this useful website.

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