Marigold plants to deter bugs

by Cheryl Carreira
(Waipio, Hawaii)

Marigold leaves with bugs

Marigold leaves with bugs

I just started my garden. I was told Marigolds deter bugs. So I started planting with them. But what are the colorless trails infecting the Marigold leaves? They are in potting soil.
Also the trails seem to be inside the leaves and I see black substances in these winding trails.
How do I get rid of it? I have tried spraying with Neem oil solution. But that didn't help.
I live in a place where there are a lot of bugs. White flies, leaf hoppers, ground termites, spider mites, you name it. I'm trying to go natural, but it doesn't look promising. Can anyone help?

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Sep 15, 2010
by: Sue

I have a link for you that I think you should read. It's about bugs in the garden, and it relates to your problem (and says it MUCH better than I ever could.

I hope this helps. Most problems can be "ignored"....they are really "problems".

Oct 01, 2010
Marigolds and leaf miners
by: Pat

You have leaf miners. The eggs hatch and burrow through leaves. The garlic fire spray on this website's pest page is very good, but don't forget to spray on the underneath of leaves.
I used to get leaf miner damage on my lettuce leaves, but once I did three things I now have no more problems. First I removed any leaves with leaf miners on and I kept doing this if any more signs. Next I rubbed my fingers fairly firmly along the trails to squash the tiny black hatched bug and any eggs laid. Then I used the organic spray.

If you are not eating the marigold leaves you need not worry unless they spread to your vegetable leaves. As an aside, marigolds can help deter nematodes which damage roots, and supposedly they also deter some bugs and whitefly.

Oct 01, 2010
Thanks Sue
by: Cheryl

Thanks for your suggestion and help in determining the cause. I will try the garlic spray. I probably have to make my own. When I looked it up on-line before, Garlic Spray could not be shipped to Hawaii. I uprooted the Marigolds and planted 4 o'clock Glories. But the bugs that the Marigolds had, had already spread to my mixed greens.

The marigolds did not deter the white flies. They got white flies too. I still had to spray them with Neem oil.

If anyone has a garlic spray recipe please send it.

Aug 01, 2011
Leaf Miner
by: Cheryl

Pat was absolutely right. Those trails are from leaf miner bugs. And they are in all my plants.
Herbs, flowers, and any lettuce type plants I grow. Even if I pick the leaves with them in off and spray they are so abundant. I have to use several kinds of sprays to keep them under control. I wish there was a more organic way to get rid of them. I can't even get other beneficial bugs shipped here. (Hawaii)

Dec 05, 2011
Preventative Measures NEW
by: Yvonne

I have a leaf miner and also cabbage looper problem. I removed infested leaves and put a cloche (plastic cover / soda bottle top ) over the plants I wanted to protect. No problem with my lettuce since.

You could also cover your greens with shade fabric, which is a physical barrier (so bugs can't get to the leaves) that still lets in some sunlight (like the cloche). Hope this helps!

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