Mouldy mulch

by Shyloh Hovey
(Eaton Western Australia)

Hi My mum is making a no dig garden but her mulch goes mouldy within 24hrs of going in her above ground area.
Is this normal?

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Apr 28, 2011
Mouldy Compost
by: George

Hi Shyloh and welcome to wonderful world of No- Dig horticulture. A picture of the fungus would be helpful to identify the type. As a ten (or so) year organic No-Dig gardener as I can no longer dig, I completed an Organic horticulture course at Polytech (Tafe on your patch)and I learned that the "Biota", ie, worms, bugs, fungi, woodlice etc are all part of Mother Earth's way of recycling by breaking down organic materials into a reusable form, ie, compost. My five compost bins are alive with these "greebies" and along with the Mycelium (long white threads of fungus)they do a wonderful job for me in breaking down the stable straw and manure, lawn clippings, seaweed, hedge clippings I use. In my pre heart attack time lived in W.A. many years ago and loved the sandy soil for the potential for easy gardening.

Apr 29, 2011

Yes my mum has read that mould is good in compost which she has but never in no dig gardens. nothing she reads talks about this. She looking for someone that has done it before that can tell her if this is normal or not. She has been told to dry it out. But that seems silly since it's outside and although we are coming out of a very hot summer we are not getting rain? so not sure how we are suppose to get dry

May 01, 2011
Mold growing on mulch
by: Eugene

Not so sure you have a problem here. Mulch doesn't need to be dry, it might blow away. You don't say what sort of mulch it is, or where the mulch came from, but if it was from a bag, then the sudden exposure to light probably started the mold growing.
But mold on mulch is fine, it is part of the breaking down of organic matter - gotta happen eventually and there will be lots of large and small fungus and organisims going about their business in your mulch from the moment it gets exposed to air, light and moisture.
Mulch mold won't hurt you, although some fragile people react to certain molds especially damp musty molds inside buildings and on some foods. Don't get down and put your nose close to it and take deep breaths because too much might be a bit of fright to your breathing or immune system.

May 01, 2011
by: Anonymous

Sorry mulch wasn't out of a bag it's called pea straw.

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