Moving autumn fruiting raspberries

by Joyce
(Stafford, England)

Hi, I have some Autumn fruiting raspberries- variety Polka, growing in my fruit cage. They are outgrowing the space I gave them and I have noticed that raspberries growing in the open have not been touched by the birds. How and when do I move them - they are still producing fruit.
I would like to retain this year's canes to get a Summer crop, do I wait until the canes are dormant? Many thanks in advance for any help.

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Nov 27, 2011
Moving and pruning raspberries NEW
by: ~ Megan

Raspberries will always outgrow their space. Their underground runners love to run! Chop off their heads if you don't want more plants appearing around the main plant, or in your case, move to a larger areas to get more of these juicy, healthy fruits.

Best to wait until the canes have finished fruiting, and you can move the plants in late autumn, winter or carefully in spring, especially if they have new shoots sprouting. When you move them, don't worry if there are some leaves still on the plants, you can keep as many or few one year old canes as you want, but cut back to where the last fruits were, and cut out older 2yr old or more canes to ground level.

Dig an ample hole to hold each plant, add some quality compost/aged manure/fertiliser, then plant and fill in with compost/soil, then mulch and water well. Don't let plants dry out in summer, but make sure drainage is good as they hate boggy conditions, especially in winter and they will succumb to root rot.

Nov 28, 2011
Moving raspberries NEW
by: Joyce

Many thanks Megan, your comments and advice are really appreciated.will move them once they stop producing fruit- picked over 500gms yesterday from just 9 plants.hope they will be as productive next year!

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