My Corn stalks are turning yellow and drying out

by chariti
(roseville, ca. usa)

I have about 6 corn stalks in a container outside in Northern CA., they started out great and have tastles on all the tops and I have 4 ears of corn forming on 4 differnt stalks. I water them every morning. They are about 5 feet tall and were looking great, until about a week ago when they started looking very dry and turning yellow and brown. Help! I was so excited to have corn on my first season of gardening. Also, the tassels appear very dry and light in color.

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Jul 23, 2012
Brown Corn Stalks NEW
by: Kiwi George

Hi Chariti. Sad, sad story but my first instinct is your problem is due to lack of nutrients. I have found corn to be a very hungry plant and depending on the capacity of your container you may not have given your plants enough food. Sadly I don't think they can be resuscitated but it's worth a try and next year grow them in the best mix you can buy and once they are about 12 inches high feed them weekly with fertiliser. As an organic gardener I prefer to feed my plants with liquid fertiliser with a seaweed base but as I am not aware of the available fertilisers in your place may I suggest your garden shop may be able to advise the best for your purpose.
Good luck
Kiwi George

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