new growth on frozen lemon tree

by Helen Williams

New growth on tree trunk

New growth on tree trunk

My 4 yr old Myer lemon tree in a container froze last winter. It is too large to bring in the house. Now I see new leaves at the base of the trunk. Should I remove all the old branches and the top of the trunk?

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Jul 30, 2010
Frozen lemon tree with new growth
by: Dimitri

The photo looks like the branches have died and if so then cut them all off. If they are still alive, prune a bit and they might sprout again. If your lemon is a grafted plant, it may have died and the understock is growing at the base(instead of the grafted lemon variety). This means it won't produce decent lemons, toss it then and buy a new one.

Jul 30, 2010
Lemon tree in container
by: Pam

The pot holding your lemon tree doesn't look too large, so you could do what I do and buy those plastic coated wire bases on wheels and put your large container plants on them. Then when it's too cold for a plant I just wheel it to a more protected place, even on the back door entrance way I have sometimes if really nasty weather comes. P

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