No beans on bean plants

by dick
(elizabeth city nc)

my beans are growing but not getting any beans. what do i need to add to get produce.

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Jul 10, 2011
Green Beans and critters
by: Ellen

I have green beans planted and have only gotten a few beans so far. One of my problems is rabbits they are eating some of the beans, so I read about using kitty litter the one that has been used. So I made a wall around the garden with used kitty litter and donkey manure the kind that is still fresh and wet. It works as long as it doesn't rain too hard, need to keep adding to it along with red pepper flakes right in top of beans and the corn. Because we are out in the country I have a problem with deer also. So this also works for deer they don't like the smell either, I guess I'm going to build the wall like the wall of China. I have only picked a handful of beans so far, so I could use some help also for the green beans. I live in north east Georgia, thanks Ellen

Jul 10, 2011
Sans beans
by: Kiwi George

Yep, been there, done that, ie, plenty of growth but few beans. As a 100% no dig organic gardener I was only using animal manure and seaweed as my fertilisers but when I started feeding all my garden with Comfrey liquid manure,ie, a high potash brew and added the wood ash from our log burner, the crop increased. Next year I will be definitely looking at using a commercial manure such as Nitrophoska Blue to correct what appears to be a deficiency in my soil. Good luck

Jul 10, 2011
Green Beans and critters
by: Ellen

Thanks for your help, I used donkey manure that was dry and the soil here is very good every thing is growing just trying to keep the deer,rabbits and raccoons out!!

Jul 23, 2011
Why no beans on bean plants
by: Frank

Could be your bean flowers have not gotten pollinated, that’s if they are the are a variety that doesn’t self-pollinate. I was told that bees like the sweetest flowers and bean flowers are the last to be visited by bees if there are lots of other flowers around. As other flowers fade the bees go to the beans, so it makes the beans a bit later in the season that’s all unless you muck around and pollinate them yourselves.

Too rich compost and manure might be giving lots of nitrogen, which makes plants grow but not produce beans, or cucumbers or tomatoes and all. Watch out for wind blowing flowers off too.

Aug 08, 2011
bean plants don't flower
by: Ginger

My long bean plants are growing strong, but no flowers. My friend's was planted later than mine, but had plenty of beans already harvested. Wonder why? The same bean plants I grew in previous years had good yields.

Wonder why and please

Aug 09, 2011
Why no flowers on beans
by: Frank

Because your friend has bean flowers and you dont means the growing conditions are different. Maybe your friend planted beans earlier than you, maybe they are in a sunnier place, maybe the soil is different, like too acid and too high in nitrogen???

Once the flowers come, the beans form fast and your patience will be rewarded!

Aug 17, 2015
Green Bean Plants but no beans NEW
by: Anonymous

I planted green bean seeds and had plenty of poles for them and I loved watching them crawl around the poles and reach for each other. They had plenty of sun and water BUT NO BEANS ever appeared. WHY?

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