no dig and crop rotation

by billywill

got an allotment in may and want to be a no dig and fully organic gardener,have been reading obout companion planting, putting potatoes in with cabbage,beans and beets etc,but on crop rotation it tells me they are in different groups and soil is prepared differently, please help this poor novice, many thanks. billy

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Mar 15, 2015
Crop rotation soil conditions NEW
by: Anymoney

Billy, hey it says that what one sort of plant takes out of the soil, is not needed so much for the crop that follows. So rotate your crops like that, with say root plants followed by leafy plants, but it's all there on that crop rotation page. Good luck, I am still a novice gardener too, but hey love it and get more excited picking the day's dinner than I do going to work!

Mar 20, 2015
Use compost in crop rotation NEW
by: Anonymous

In agreement re the different nutrients in the soil for different sorts of plants you grow. Also compost is your answer too. Compost adds everything you need for all plants to grow, at least to take out what they need and leave what they don't for next crop.
Don't forget that rotating crops is important to discourage diseases and nasties that want to eat your plants, so move them on by shifting plants around a bit. My garden is small, but I still plan it out to change what I grow where as much as possible. Using that garden planner is my trusty friend.

Mar 21, 2015
Biodiversity in rotating crops NEW
by: Minnie My

I like the word biodiversity, which shows that plants and in fact all living things, whether they are in forests, farms or back gardens, are more resilient and can resist pests, diseases and weeds, if they mix ' n match and share the overall area. Each species of flora and fauna takes what it needs and leaves what it doesn't need, or even better, it adds something of advantage for the next living presence.

Mar 21, 2015
re post NEW
by: billywill

thank you for all your comments,judging from what you say as long as soil is well composted I can grow different veg together,but there are some that don't like each other it would seem,will stick to recommended plants together and see how my first season goes,watch this space,lol

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