No fruit on pepper plants

by lori
(ravenna ohio)

Every Year we plant peppers, regular bell peppers. we get 1 picking and then no more peppers. If there are peppers, they are small. What could be lacking in the soil?

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Jul 31, 2012
2nd Pepper Crop NEW
by: Kiwi George

Hi Lori. A sad story but one which I solved by apparently over feeding my plants after the first crop. I have found Peppers to be heavy feeders so I foliar and root feed with my Horse/Comfrey/Kelp liquid manure and mulch heavily Easy for me as I live near the sea but commercial Seaweed Fertiliser should do the job. I also tend towards more P & K of the NPK trilogy as New Zealand soils are deficient in these and too much N makes for soft And weak stems. Good luck
Kiwi George

Aug 01, 2012
You need hot weather to grow peppers NEW
by: Tui

Another kiwi here. I keep trying to grow bell peppers and have the same result, have come to the conclusion that no matter how good my soil is or what I feed and water them, peppers and a bunch of other vegies like some melons, will not grow in the climate here outside of ChCh NZ. If I had a very sunny spot it would help, but I just have an ordinary flat plot. My peppers grow slowly, have one bunch of flowers and the peppers are small and never turn red. I've given up and buy them now! I have lots of other abundant veg and I grow a successful large pot of chilie peppers on my sunny little porch though.

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