ornamental plants or gnomes

by Suzanne
(Auckland, New Zealand)

What on earth should I do with this? Suzy

What on earth should I do with this? Suzy

I have a small triangular section of ground near an entrance. It is too nondescript at the present - it has a few little cacti and some kind of little bush (I dont know the name of it- my sister is the only 'greenie in our family!) growing, amazingly, it seems to me because there isn't much sun due to the large oak tree reaching over from the neighbour's fence. I dont know whether to add a few more cacti/suckulents (is that how you spell it?)/ornamental cabbage, or forget about planting and find a friendly looking garden gnome.....any suggestions please because gnomes cant compare with a pretty little plant...


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Dec 19, 2010
Gnomes or not in garden
by: Lou

So you have gnomes in NZ too? Those little fellas do get around don't they? I wouldn't make homes for gnomes by an entrance because they could be trouble for visitors; you know, snatching mobile phones so they could while away the boring hours, or poking pet dogs with their fishing lines.

No, I think you should clear the sorry looking mess you have there and grow something more suitable. Give those nice succulents (how hard is it for you to do a spell check over there in Orkland, NZ?) a spot in a sunny patch, and go along to your garden center, ask the experts and buy some lovely semi-shade loving low bushes or rockery plants. If you select carefully, you can have flowers all year round.

Dec 23, 2010
Ornamental vegetables would do well
by: Cherri

Your idea of ornamental cabbages is terrific, right on!. From very early spring on they come in colors white, green, purple and pink, but you do have to replace then when their showiness is finished.
What about other colorful vegetables like red and yellow stemmed chard and purple cabbage, purple broccoli, red and lime green lettuces? This way you can have some veg for yourself and give a bunch to your visitors who admire them as they come through your entranceway!
These leafy sorts don't need so much sun as other veg. It would be good if you could grow eye-catching cherry tomatoes and red chilies, even ornamental chilies, but these need lots of sun and you say your excuse for a garden gets shade from an oak tree at the moment.
Any chance of lopping off some of this tree if it's in your place? Here in Dallas we can legally remove any growth on our side of the boundary, not sure about Orkland. You don't mean Oakland do you? Send in a photo when you're done. Happy gardening, Cherri.

Dec 29, 2010
by: Simone

Hi Suzy,

I would look at planting a hosta in that spot; the shade would provide the perfect environment, and the lush foliage would look great there. A number of hostas have beautifully fragrant flower spikes which is a nice touch for an entrance way.

Simone (down in Dunedin now, but previously from Auckland - not Orkland or Oakland...LOL)

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