parsnips left in ground

I left my parsnips in the garden over the winter, but in the early spring I was ill, and unable to harvest them. Now they are tall, and I'm wondering if they are still good. What will happen to them if I just leave them through this growing season?

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May 20, 2017
Woody parsnips left in ground
by: Laura

No good. They will flower and the roots will be woody. Pull them out.

May 21, 2017
Parsnips second season
by: ~ Megan

That's right, pull out second season parsnips as they will be as tough as old boots. The roots will also shrink as the plant uses the nutrition to help it grow taller to flower and go to seed.

Parsnips, like carrots and parsley, lettuce and lots of other plants, are biennials. This means they grow nice leaves, usually low to the ground and nice fat roots over spring and summer; then they sit there over winter until the next spring when they bolt to seed and die.

You might like to let them seed and save some seeds.

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