Passionfruit infertility? No fruit on my passionfruit.

by Ken
(Melbourne, Australia)

Now three years in, our passionfruit (on grafted root stock) is again producing flowers in abundance and looks a picture of perfection. It has yet to set a single fruit. I have corrected the ph level, added sulphate of potash (both suggested by the local nursery), fertilised and even spoken to it kindly.
In response, it continues to drop its spent flowers.
Any ideas friends?

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Jan 28, 2010
by: Ann

This was a complaint made by a friend to me a number of years ago and it turned out there was a lack of bees in her yard to pollinate the flowers. Hand pollination with a paint brush finally gave her fruit.

If this is your problem, perhaps planting some bee attracting plants close by such as lavender, salvia or borage.

Feb 06, 2010
flower drop
by: bill t

Why do my vines flower but don't set fruit?

There are several reasons for vines flowering but not setting fruit.

* Poor pollination. This is the main cause and can be due to bees not working the flowers (for example during heavy rain); temperatures being too low or too high for pollination (optimum temperatures for pollen germination are between 20°C and 35°C); or rain directly reducing the viability of the pollen (moisture causes the pollen grains to split).
* Boron deficiency.
* Extended periods of overcast weather. This may cause flower drop regardless of pollination problems. I copied this from a website, hope it helps Cheers Bill:)

Feb 12, 2010
Passionfruit Flower Drop - Ants?
by: Ken, Melbourne

Thanks for the suggestions. I have been busy with a paint brush trying to replicate what bees do so well and have set one (yippee!) fruit after much effort. Bees are not working the vines though are active with squash type flowers.

My paintbrush efforts have revealed another possible cause - the vines are 'running' with black ants and every time I pollenated with the brush, ants would scurry out of the flower. I had thought their presence of no concern but now I wonder?

Any thoughts and control possibilities would be appreciated.

Mar 07, 2010
Ants on passionfruit
by: Margaret Brisbane

Can someone let me know if the myriad of black ants that run out of the flowers on my passionfurit are the cause of dropping flowers and no fruit?

I am already trying to cross polinate with a paintbrush due to lack of bees.

It seems there is a lack of bees world wide due to pests and over chemical use.

Apr 09, 2010
passionfruit not setting fruit
by: mallory

our nellie kelly passionfruit is loaded with fruit this year. however our panama red and panama gold has lots of flowers but is not setting fruit even after hand pollinating.

Apr 10, 2010
Follow-up by Original Contributor
by: Ken

I have effectively eliminated ants as the cause of infertility with passion-fruit. We have two vines - standard purple and Panama Gold - and both are constantly alive with black ants.
Unlike the last contributor however, this season our Gold has taken off with a heavy fruit load whereas the purple, though the more prolific flowerer, continues to drop them.
The only consolation is that the Gold, far more vigorous, will eventually cover the barren plant and eiher shame it into production - or mercifully strangle it!

May 05, 2010
ants on vines
by: bill t.

The ants are not the problem with fruit or no fruit. There is some other insect or plant disorder playing host to the ants which are after whatever the other pest is leaving behind.have a look beyond the ants and find out the underlying attraction for the ants.Cheers Bill T. :)

Apr 06, 2011
no flowers on panama passion fruit
by: glenda

I have a panama black passionfruit that I purchased about twelve months ago . It has plenty of green leaves but has not had a single flower. It is growing in full sun. I am hoping someone can give me some advice. Should I have cut it back in spring to get flowers?

Aug 13, 2011
passion fruit has no flowers
by: dennis

i have 2 grafted passion fruit vines put in three years ago they are great but have to flowers or fruit- the other lady glenda has a similar problem

Aug 14, 2011
why passion fruit not flowering
by: Mo

I have helped so many friends get their passion fruit flowering, it seems to be a big problem always. I don’t knw why nurseries haven’t wised up and put in better growing instructions. And I’m no horticulture expert, just a live and learn greeny that loves to grow things.

Usually it take at least one to even 3 years before flowers start coming and they only come on NEW growth, so each year around late winter/spring, prune the vines back to some good strong stems.

They have shallow roots, so need lots of water and food, but not too much rich nitrogen food because they will be too leafy with large floppy leaves and the flowers that do come can just pwiff off in the breeze, so sad, I’ve stood by and watched with a friend when that happened to hers.

Sep 17, 2011
by: Roy

I have read the many varied ways of pollinating my Panama passionfruit and I thank those who have supplied the answers I have been looking for. I planted four plants about ten months ago and they are growing out of control and I looked and saw some flowers today so because of the lack of bees I will make some buzzzzzing noises and use the paint brush method. I live in the shoalhaven area but the plants seem to thrive on the weather here at the moment. Is it normal for the flowers to open and shut all the time?

Sep 17, 2011
lots of passion but no fruit
by: bill t

Apart from maturity of passion fruit, has anybody considered,the addition of "Potash" when there is plenty of green, on any flower, fruit bearing plant.
Please be careful that the fertiliser you are using, has the correct proportion of essential elements, or too much of one or the other is detrimental to success of your efforts.I have been growing as close as I can to Organic, but still need to add "potash"to get results. Hope this helps.Happy gardening Cheers Bill T. :)

Nov 11, 2011
by: Wayne H

three years old passionfruit (on grafted root stock) is again producing flowers in abundance and looks a picture of perfection. It has set a single fruit growing well then started to shrivel, after picking it & opening it there was nothing at all inside. I have corrected the ph level, added sulphate of potash In response, it continues to drop its flowers. I have planted a banana passionfruit about 4mt away & 2 years later still no fruit they both look healthy with flowers only on the grafted has anyone any ideas if not i will remove both & try again

Nov 11, 2011
Flowers== Bees
by: bill t

Lack of polination. A lot of coment on using the paint brush polination method.Anybody ever thought of planting flowers near or around your fruit plants?Think about it what is the main attraction of bees no matter what the situation. FLOWERS/ BEES.
Happy gardening Bill T.:)

Nov 16, 2011
Passion fruit
by: Anonymous

I have 100ts of flowers and 100ts of bees but no fruit, is any one to help

Jan 13, 2012
Passion fruit flowers but no fruit
by: Lim

My experience is that you need lots of water once the fruit starts to grow. I water my plant twice a day in the hot summer. I give it lots of feeding with seaweed fertilizer every 1-2 weeks.

I think grafted plants produce fruit sooner than little seedlings, these seedlings can take more than a year, maybe up to 2 yrs to fruit properly.

I hand pollinate too because I read that rain or damp can make the pollen sticky, and it is damp or raining some mornings when the bees are at work, so I wait until the day is dry later on and rub one flower into another or use a little paint brush. Hope this helps as I get delicious passionfruit! Lim

Jan 14, 2012
passion fruit infertility
by: bill. t

Plenty of boy flowers and no girl flowers. its part of natures plan, we got to get together to produce offspring.Find a way of getting the flowers together to produce fruit. One very good way is to introduce little annual flowers, either planted near the vine or in planter pots near and around the vine especially along the direction the vine travels. try to choose bee attracting plants but keep it simple so you can enjoiy the view and watch your effort blossom and fruit.
Hope this helps,happy gardening Bill T. :)

Jan 14, 2012
original graft keep shooting
by: Wayne H

three years old passionfruit (on grafted root stock) is again producing flowers in abundance and looks a picture of perfection. But now the original graft is shooting all through the area near the main stem i keep pulling them out but the keep coming back in abundance could this cause the vine not to set fruit

Jan 22, 2012
Passion fruit flowers but no fruit
by: Lim

Definitely chop off every bit of the understock growing below the graft. I would say it will stop the main plant growing properly. Keep chopping the unwanted shoots off, although not sure why you have this happening, may be the graft is not attached well. Follow the advice in this column and you should see fruits. Lim

Feb 12, 2012
by: Sally

I live in Penang Is. , Malaysia. My passion fruit plant grown from seeds is thriving well and have started flowering, lots of flowers but the fruit won't set. The weather these two months have been very, very hot and dry but the plant is growing well. Lots of black ants though. I have also grown avocado from seed; also thriving well but not sure whether it will bear any fruit.

Mar 02, 2012
intermittent flowers
by: Paul C

I have 12 month old passionfriut vines which have finally started to fruit and flower in the last month. But the flowers are few and far between. About 10 flowers, 5 of which are turning to fruit. I see a few more flower buds at differant stages but not Prolific. They seem very intermittent which is ok if this keeps up. Does anybody know if this is likely to keep going or will this be my lot for the year? I am in Perth W.A. and we are now just entering Autumn.

Apr 08, 2012
Passion Fruit Sadness
by: Emily M.

I love passion fruit.. Had been loving them since I was very young.. Recently trying to grow them... Very happy to see it flower.. Had two flowers.. but due to accident they drop.. My heart also drop cos it was the first two flowers of the plant.. And it had not been flowering.. But now it flowers again.. Was very excited.. But the flower dried up.. looks brown and drops off.. Sad to see it in this stage and didn't understand.. Then saw another flower.. and it looks slightly bigger.. but it disappeared when I tried to look for it... Must have drop off..
So sad with no understanding.. I'm from KL Malaysia.. Nice to know Sally is growing passion plant in Penang with better result.. : )

Jun 03, 2012
Fruit set, weather & ants
by: Debbie

I have 2 passion fruit vines growing in a greenhouse in Canada. They grew from the seeds in bought fruit, so I don't know what kind they are. They must be different from each other because one flowers earlier than the other.
Last year I had the first flowers - 5 of them - 2 of which set fruit. A raccoon got one and the other we shared with great ceremony. This year there were about 20 flowers a few of which did not set in spite of hand fertilizing. I suspect 2 environmental conditions of being the cause.
Once I let the greenhouse temperature get up to about 40C. Also we have a dryer vented into the greenhouse which I thought of as a good thing. But it causes massive condensation and may have damaged the pollen as apparently rain does.
As for ants, I read somewhere that passion fruit flowers have nectary glands that encourage ants so they will attack insects that harm the fruit. Maybe that depends on the variety.

Jun 04, 2012
a look at passion fruit from ABC gardening
by: bill t

Passionfruit would have to be one of my favourite fruit. The passionfruit vine is a strong, vigorous, evergreen climber, and it originated in South America.

A great spot for a passionfruit vine is one that’s out in the open, has full sun and no trees or competitive roots. Grow it on a structure like a strong trellis.

Passionfruit vines are known for their tendrils, which are little curly spring-like things that attach themselves to wire and really grip on like a python. That’s how they climb.

Often what happens with a passionfruit vine is there is green growth on the outside, where the tendrils have attached themselves, and they have woody material in the centre.

In late winter and early spring it’s time for a clean up. You don't have to prune hard every year. But in early spring take off about 30 centimetres - that’s ideal.

One of the vines that Gardening Australia filmed suffered signs of stress. It had scale – insects that were sucking the sap and the life out of the plant. There was evidence the bark of the main stem was splitting, because it had been tied up, and there was some form of collar-rot at the base. The poor old vine had to go to passionfruit heaven.

There are many different varieties of passionfruit. Some to look out for include:
The grafted Panama Gold - which has big fruit and its skin is a golden yellow colour.
The Panama Red – which is red skinned, has rather large fruit, and is also grafted. Both are good to grow in the tropics.

But for southern Australia, the grafted Nelly Kelly black passionfruit is my choice.

In the olden days every passionfruit vine was planted on top of a lamb or sheep's liver, ox heart, or some other piece of offal, to provide iron. Stick it at the bottom of the hole, cover it up a little bit, and then plant the passionfruit as normal.

If you don't want to use a lamb's liver, or offal, you could use pelletised chook manure. And scatter that about a metre around the root system. Do this about twice a year. Remember that passionfruit vines are also hungry and thirsty and love a well-drained soil. It’s also a good idea to put some mulch around the root system, to protect it from the hot sun.

In its first year the little vine will tendril its way across the wires. Just nip out the top little bud and it will shoot out laterally. This means you'll get lots of side shoots, and expect fruit in about 18 months.

Given plenty of food, well-drained soil and lots of water, you will end up with a great passionfruit vine. And, a little tip - when you see the fruit developing, get your little child to get a nail and scratch their name into the fruit and you end up with your own branded passionfruit

Jun 15, 2012
Passion fruit has 6 fruit
by: Anonymous

They all looked nice and green and now the leaves and the fruiot seem to be wrinkling up and turning lighter green. is it dying? I thought because of the fruit wrinkling it was llack of water but I have been watering daily because of our heat lately. What should I do?

Jun 16, 2012
Seaweed extract, not a "FERTILISER"
by: bill t

Sombody mentioned ("SEAWEED "FERTILISER"). every one please take note. Seaweed extract is "NOT" a fertiliser. It is a very good plant "Medicin" or tonic. It also is a very good root stimulant for seedlings and established plants.Please respect it, (READ THE LABEL)a plant medicin and stimulant, not a fertiliser. Happy growing Bill T.

Jun 28, 2012
empty shells
by: Fossil

I have a huge "Crackajack" passionfruit vine which produced very well for 2 years. Last year I pruned heavily, as I did the previous year. After 2 years of bountiful fruit, this year I have only about two dozen edible fruit. Very many flowers have formed shells, but only a few of them have fruit inside. Bees are not my problem as I have 2 hives within 50 yards of the vine. The bees were introduced to fertilize my avocados

Jul 03, 2012
Passion Flower Vine looks like it's dying.
by: Tina

I am having the same issue as the guy/gal that posted on June 15, 2012. My vine had some flowers then developed fruit and now it looks like it is dying. The leaves are turning yellow and the fruit is shriveling up. Am I not giving it enough water? I live in Texas and my vine does get full sunlight.

Jul 10, 2012
Flowers in abundance but no fruit
by: Anonymous

My new vine is growing beautifully and have hundreds of flowers but not one has set, very disapointing. My old vine a few meters away that I cut out has one stray tendril with two set fruit, the old vine is yellow and the new one is red, so its not the soil or bees. What is the problem??? I don't want to cut it out. Is it just a bad graft.

Sep 16, 2012
New grower needs help....
by: Paul7508

Hi, i purchase a new established passionfruit tree from Bunnings almost 12 months ago, it get well watered (well drained), heaps of sunlight, it gets fertilized, i even put chopped up banana skins and used tea bags on top of the soil around the main stem, i even bought a second plant to grow next to it. 

The vine has grown a little over a meter long with good thick green foliage and looks perfectly healthy, but not once has it produced a single flower let alone any fruit. 

I also grow a number of different types of chillies, all of which flower and get pollinated by nature to produce great crop. So pollination is not a problem either.

Can someone please tell me how or what can i do to get my passionfruit tree to flower and produce fruit finally please???

Any suggestions please email me at and please enter subject matter to the email title


Oct 07, 2012
Plenty of blooms on red passion plant.
by: Roy Henley. Houston tx

My purple passion plant didn't make it this year, but,
Have as many as 10 blooms on one vine of the red one.
It's everywhere over the arbors, up the shrubs
And working its way to patio furniture. Ha

Nov 01, 2012
Balance nutrient suply to the plant
by: lydia

Ensure that right from the time of planting the vain has suffiencient nutrient supply, when still young it needs phosphrous for root growth and during growth t recqures split doses of nitrogen and at maturity it recquires possium and phosphrous, artificial fertilizers can do as well as farm yard manure, a mixture of both does better.

Nov 16, 2012
Lots of flowers but pollen not powdery ?
by: Anonymous

Hi Last year I had several flowers but not fruit. Finally worked out I needed to pollinate with paint brush due lack of bees which I did. This year flowers have started and there are heaps more buds starting but the few flowers that have opened have pollen stems that are yellow but not powdery so I can't use my paint brush ??? Any suggestions as to why & what to do please.

Jan 23, 2013
Passionfruit not grafted
by: Anonymousmichael

I have 3 passionfruit vines 2 ungrafted both growing strongly and producing an abundance of flowers . The third was a grafted which ran away under the graft producing a strong but undesired plant this has lots of fruit which I am told is inedible. I am in the process of removing this plant and all it's offspring . The real problem is no fruit on the other plants both are very healthy we have plenty of bees as I have fruit trees all over all producing fruit only the ungrafted passionfruit . Have tried hand pollination, without result, any ideas? The plants are almost 2 years old.

Feb 08, 2013
passionfruit - no fruit
by: arcobelina

Ive read what seems likes tonnes of questions above but no answers.

The problem of passionfruit flower drop when associated with black ants is scale. ever piece of the flower will have a scale on it from when the flower bud is about the size of a marble. the ants farm it

Ive tried spray for the scale but the flowers dont open because of the oil in the spray

Ive tried flicking off the scale from each piece of the flower, but that seems to be too late - the damage is done.

My current attack is the ants, but the commercial ant rid sort of stuff doesnt work. I trace ant nests by following the ant run - quite along way in some cases and if I can boiling water.

This hasn't fixed the problem, so I too am at a loss. I will be writing to the Qld DPI because if this gets into commercial farms up here it will wipe them out

Mar 11, 2013
Flower drop & ants
by: denny

I am now completely bamboozled with answers for the black ants & flower drop
1. Do i try & get rid of the ants or are they really good for my vine?
2. Do the ants cause the flowers to drop?

all the answers have been very complicated & cross refer with each other & give different reasons for the same problem. I am at a loss to find a solution/correct answer.

Mar 17, 2013
flowers dying on vine
by: Beryl

My Panama Passion fruit is 18 months old - very healthy and has just started to flower. However, the flowers turn brown before opening and drop. Any advice as to the reason for this and help to fix the problem. Thankyou

Mar 23, 2013
Passion Fruit flowering but no fruit
by: Neoh Kean Bin

i have 5 passion fruits(Yellow skin type) planted on big pots(no landed land)all growing healthly,3 start flowering but evently dry and drop off, cannot bear fruit,what the reason? How shall i deal with it.

Apr 02, 2013
Lots of flowers no fruit QLD
by: Cane Toad

@ Denny, my passionfruit is about 6 months old, bought from KMart, has grown vigorously has heaps of flowers and no fruit. I am confused by all the opinions also. Right now I am going to put a little potash (let the ants run riot) and mulch the base of the plant. There is also a pastry brush in my hand for self polination. See what happens, if nothing there's always next season
:-) Happy gardening!

Apr 22, 2013
by: Anonymous

When I grew yellow passion fruit in the amazon region of Ecuador, I was also concerned about the ants all over the plants. I soon learned that the ants were keeping the caterpillars away that otherwise ate all the leaves. I never saw any evidence that the ants caused problems.

May 05, 2013
ANTS, Good or Bad,
by: Starry Tulip

I need to know. Yes or no.

May 06, 2013
Starry Tulip, ants yes or no
by: bill t

Dear Starry Tulip.For a start, ants "Do not harm plants".Ants are attracted to plants by :Pests which harm plants such as mealy bug, aphids etcetera.These pests which are feeding on the plants secrete a sweet substance which as a food source attracts the ants Aphids everywhere—and look who’s protecting them. I showed Jody all the aphids along with the ants. Jody is an organic gardener so she asked me if it would be a good idea to get some ladybugs. I said “Nope.” This is the problem with ants. Ants will keep the ladybugs away. They protect the aphids because you see, ants will work for food, a special food that the aphids produce called “honeydew” it is sweet and sticky and ants love it.I have add the bit about aphids which i copied and pasted from a website.
"The Gardeners Anonymous Blog". have a read.
Cheers and happier gardening Bill T.

Aug 17, 2013
by: Anonymous

I've been growing passionfruit in Qld for about 20 years. At first I was frustrated by all the problems described above.

Fertilised with everything recommended, watered etc. Hand pollinated. Nothing.

Gave up in disgust. Since then the grafted plants have produced magnificently for about four years with absolute neglect other than a deep watering after, say, ten days without rain. No fertiliser, no fussing.

This might have nothing to do with the success and it might instead be simply due to the maturity of the plants and/or climatic conditions.

These plants have now done their dash, and I'm having no success in finding more grafted plants to take their place. Lots of miserable looking little seedlings at ridiculous prices, but the grafted Panama Gold and Panama Red (not grafted onto Nellie Kellie stock) seem to be nowhere.

Aug 17, 2013
flowers no fruit
by: bill t

Ken, thanks for alowing me my twoo bobs worth. A big problem with flower drop is lack of potash. the biggest problem is lack of BEES. Try planting bee attracting flowers in and near your passion fruit vines. Another ploy is to use a suitable brush. Use the brush to take the pollen from one flower to the next.Keep going through the plant. Another way is to pluck a flower off and introduce this to the next flower and so on over the plant.
Happy polinating, that is replicating what our friends the BEES do. good luck Bill T>

Sep 18, 2013
passion fruit flowering but not forming fruit
by: Bill Totten wa/ australia

I heard this morning the definitive answer about fruit not forming on passionfruit vines. "BEES." "Pollination." A lot of us are living in areas called suburban sprawl. Others are fortunate to live in rural, semy rural areas.The bottom line is there are not enough bees to go around. Bees are mostly being "FARMED"So the farmers are going where the bees use pollen from selected areas which unfortunately does not include where humans choose to live. The bees are still out there but fewer and selective where they want to be. Try to attract any bees by planting diverse flowers and shrubs which attract bees. Do this in and around your passionfruit plants, or indeed the whole garden. An addition to this or an alternative is to pull one of the flowers off the plant and introduce this flower to others on the plant.
this advice came from a Melbourne passionfruit grower on talkback radio. Cheers Bill T. :)

Oct 10, 2013
Passion Fruit or Lilikoi
by: Cheryl

Hi, in hawaii it is called Lilikoi. I started growing the yellow fruit variety almost 2 years ago. This is my second harvesting. During the hotter months I cut the vine down to the ground. The yellow passion fruit needs Carpenter bees, I call them Bumblebees because they are black and round, to pollinate the flowers. I looked it up on the Internet. The purple fruit passion fruit vine can be self pollinated like tomato plants. I have not done anything fancy with fertilizer. Just regular pellet or ball fertilizer or chicken manure. Otherwise this plant is like a weed. It does better when it is slightly cooler like high 70's and low 80's.

I have pictures if there is a place to put it of the bee pollinating the flowers.

(Megan here: You can send photos to me at: and I can upload them to this forum if suitable. Thanks)

Nov 17, 2013
Passion fruit vine the envy in my area
by: ChanKC

Hi, I am from Kuala Lumpur. Got a cutting with green tomato-like fruits on it. It was crawling out of a garden and starting climbing on a shade tree. Planted it for 5 months and it is now growing vigorously with more than ten flowers opening everyday. Did selfing/ hand pollination but there are lots of tiny bees in my garden. You can see hundreds of them gathering the pollens from the flowers. Some even hijack the pollens which I transfer from the stamen to the stigma.They just collect them on the stigma rather than the anther! There is also the usual bigger honey bees but their numbers are very few.
There are two other neighbours growing passion fruits. They grow and grow but not a single fruit!
My single vine has plenty of fruitlets on them. They are twice the size of a ping-pong ball. Very round, apple green and glistering. Don't know what is the colour when they ripen. Has been one and a half month since the fruit starts showing and they just keep getting bigger and bigger with no signs of ripening. Has been growing cuttings from side shoots and giving to friends. They look great with all the fruits dangling on them. I think I will keep them for ornamental purpose rather than the juice.Gives me the pleasure of counting the fruits each day.

Dec 15, 2013
lack of pollen on flowers
by: Barry

I have a 4 Year old nelly kelly passion fruit
its in a barrel, 2 years ago I shifted from Lalor Melbourne to West Heidelberg, I cut it back for transporting it it had been producing fruit, since then the flowers drop off, have put types of flowers to attract bees no result tried hand pollination no again , have noticed lack of pollen on the stamens, what cause lack of pollen.

Dec 19, 2013
No Fruit
by: Jason

I planted 3 nursery vines a year ago and now have an area over 10 mtrs covered on the back fence and NO fruit.Might try bee attracting plants and see how it goes next year.

Jan 08, 2014
Nellie Kelly FAQ
by: Anonymous

GOT ANTS? Ask Nellie Kelly themselves! Got this off there FAQ page.
Q. My passionflowers have ants in them.

A. Ants in your flowers are no good. Kill them off with an organic insecticide like ‘Pyrethrum’ before they can do any damage.

- warning tho "pyrethrum" and hot weather is not good.

Jan 16, 2014
some fruit on ends
by: Anonymous

My mum has 2x passionfruit plants growing along a wire,2yo(one at each end 5m long) very green healthy looking,flowering well.One of the plants has attached itself to a camphalaurel tree and has spat 6 passion fruit out whilest hanging from the tree.No fruit along the wire,only flowers.We are just wondering why it would do this up a tree and not on the wire.Any suggestions please

Jan 17, 2014
Stacks of flowers no fruit
by: John boy

Seems like everyone has the same problem flowers that drop off , mine is the same I had a vine that died but did very well fruit wise, planted this one in the same place and only gets flowers could this be the problem. I will try potash and boron and see what happens other wise its headed for the chopping block.

May 14, 2014
passionfruit failure
by: carol

I heard on the radio to spur your plant into production a method used by the chinese. It is something to do with using a knife to score the stem. BUT how deep do you do it. Is it the main trunk or larger branches? does anyone know

May 15, 2014
No fruit
by: Barry Hill

Have had some success I have been feeding my Nelly Kelly passion fruit with Epson salts, I now have at least 6 passion fruit

May 22, 2014
first 2 buds no bloom 1 dropped =*( ants?
by: newbie

I was SO excited to finally see a bud... was very slightly open with a bunch of ants around it.. looked a little closer as I heard they could be farming other bugs but saw nothing else.

Then I saw another bud a day later! Not yet open, but ants at its base. Then sadly today I saw the first bud on the ground.

Was it the ants?! The other bud is slightly opening now, but is lookin like the first. Please tell me if I should get rid of the ants?!

Jun 12, 2014
no passionfruits
by: Anonymous

same here with my passionfruit vine - its been in for well over a year, has flowered about 5 times and they just drop off. The tag said it was a grafted one! Wish I had never replaced the old one! This one has been fed and watered well also.

Jul 03, 2014
Bee Type for Passionfruit pollination
by: Anonymous

Carpenter bees do the best--put an old hollowed out log need the vines!!!

Jul 06, 2014
Passion plant
by: Kathy

I have a very beautiful passion vine but no flowers what do I do to get it to bloom

Jul 06, 2014
Passion Fruit infertility
by: Cheryl

I had passion fruit and it used to grow wild here in Hawaii. However I found out that the yellow variety needs two separate vines or plants for there to be fruit. The yellow variety is can not self pollinating. In other words the flowers from one vine can not be pollinated with the pollen from flowers solely from this one vine. Fortunately I had 2 plants in the pot that I had bought from Lowe's. Also carpenter bees (the large, round, black bees) do a great job of pollinating this plant.

I also noticed that the fruits that were sort of hiding or more in the shade and not in a lot of sun, did not fall off and continued to grow to fruition. The lilikoi as we call it here is ripe when it is yellow and falls off.

Sep 09, 2014

This is my 4th year with passion flowers in my yard. I have never seen so many bees in all my life :) they are wonderful pollinating my apple tree and my entire garden of vegetables - when new shoots sprout in the spring I remove the over abundance and put in other various areas of yard - my yard has never looked so healthy and vibrant! Passion flowers have brought such life to my yard - and their scent floats in the air throughout the property. I have so much passion flower fruit this year - hopefully it will be fertilized and full of fruit to use to make passion liqueur! I do not understand why stores/nurseries in my area have never carried these - they are set it and forget type of plant - the Best!

Oct 21, 2014
no fruits
by: steve r

i have a passion fruit that flowers but give no fruit i live in jordan the climet is worm to hot mild winters what do i have to do to get fruits

Oct 21, 2014
caretaker buna reserve community garden West heilelberg
by: barry hill

As I have commented before I had the same problem
I had success with Epsom salts

Nov 15, 2014
passion fruit
by: valerie

I got last year a passion fruit vines, and it was going good had some fruit, but this year I have so much flowers and no fruit, flowers falling down. I give everything that its need, and flower just empty and. what ells I can do about it. Regards Valerie

Dec 07, 2014
No flowers on my yellow passions fluits
by: caleb temba

Ihave both purple and yellow passion plants but one purple has many fruits but yellow has no flowers neither fruits for 8 months is there something that yellow requires more than purple?

Jan 20, 2015
Lots of fruit but the fruit is "dry"
by: KL

Went through the same experience everyone here has in the first year. Ran out of time to bother with the plant. I love the flowers but have only seen a few of them. BUT this year even though have seen only an occasional flower the vine is LOADED with fruit--medium to large green.
The problem is the fruit never changes color--always green. So I picked several even though they were green and the fruit is light and has the feel of a ping pong ball. The center is a moist pale yellow.
Guess I will the remaining fruit to see if they change color/ripen.
BTW Its late January in southern California

Feb 16, 2015
sterility in my granadilla plant
by: cass mamba

my granadilla plant is vibrant, healthy and loaded with flowers for the SECOND time in six weeks, yet not one of the thousands of flowers sets to make fruit. this is the third year of the same performance. covered in flowers and NO fruit. i have no shortage of bees. the weird thing is that not even 10 meters from this propagated plant is a wild growing granadilla plant which always fruits. i am confused and non plussed!!!

Feb 24, 2015
No bulb inside fruit
by: Stevesteggles

Have a very lushish passionfruit vine plenty of flowers and fruit but nothing inside the the fruit can you help

Mar 06, 2015
passion fruit do not have any Pollen
by: Vilas

Hi, I live in FL, bought Passion fruit vine, flowers are nice Majenda colour not red not purple, keep checking to hand pollination with q tips but I do not get any Yellow or orange pollen on my tips it just dry whats wrong, please let me know

Apr 23, 2015
super grow
by: Anonymous

Have you ever tried using super grow a GNLD product? it helps flowers stick to the plant.

Apr 27, 2015
by: Anonymous

I have one vine with plenty of fruit and another vine 10 meters away with plenty of flowers but no fruit, does anyone know why

May 10, 2015
my passion. vine has no flowers
by: Anonymous

How do you get your passion fruit. To flowet hsve tried everyrhing

Jul 07, 2015
Passion fruit
by: Riverside CA

6 year ago we have 1 passion fruit has a lot of flower but never harvest any fruit finally we chop down the vine. Recently someone gave us 4 baby vine passion fruit (about 1-2 months old about 4 feet tall) we make a gazebo iron house and plant 1 vine at each corner. Very surprise in 1-3 weeks it start to have flower and produce fruit and it take about 2-3 months for the fruit to ripen. Love the juice and smell wonderfull!
Note: I plant only 10 feet away from a very big pepper tree which make the vine received about 6-8 hrs sun is maximum and it is east side of the pepper tree. Water 1 a week. Hope this will help some ideal.

Nov 23, 2015
iam sick of being told its the lack of pollinate that our passionfruit has no friut
by: john

i have read many comments on why our passion-fruit although flowering will not produce fruit; as it has not been pollinated? but this can't be the reason for our problem as we are bee keepers and have watched our bee's working on our vine with great passion. so take heart all you lovely people if its not happing for us as bee keepers there must be some other reason for the no fruit syndrome

Feb 17, 2016
3 years on and still now flowers or fruit
by: Glenn

Bought 3 years ago from Bunnings Bunbury,W.A.fruit, planted in august, has had 2 full summers to establish itself, did have 2 fruit last winter, fruit dropout off as it was to cold to ripen. Looking at pulling it out and planting something different. Not happy over not achieving the desired result wanted.

Mar 24, 2016
how many years to have flower to fruit?
by: reggy

hello i have two plants of my passion fruit but i wonder how many years to take before it to flower, it took a years now but nothing happen waiting for flowering

thank you

Mar 24, 2016
many flowers no fruit
by: laurie

have same problem. did any of these tips work?

Apr 16, 2016
Lots of flowers but no fruit for 5 years and then I tried this and bingo!!
by: Donna

I bought a yellow passion fruit vine from Bunninngs in Brisbane 5 years ago. It took off everywhere. Along the fence, up the trees, up the neighbours tree. Heaps of flowers every year but not a single fruit. There were bees around but still nothing. I cross pollinated still nothing. Read up all the advice and blogs on the net and I had been doing all the right things.
Then down the road at the local park I found another yellow passion fruit vine growing wildly and bearing lots of fruit just falling on the ground. So I collected some of its pollen with my brush, rushed home and brushed my own flowers and bingo, two weeks later I finally have some green fruit coming through. So try cross pollinating from another vine of the same variety. Hope this works for you too.

Apr 16, 2016
Lots of flowers but no fruit for 5 years and then I tried this and bingo!!
by: Donna

Try cross pollinating with pollen from flowers from another vine of the same variety. I have a 5 year old vine that grew like crazy and had lots of flowers but no fruit. But two weeks ago, I tried this last resort. I collected pollen from a vine down the local park that has lots of yellow fruit, rushed home and brushed my flowers and bingo!! I finally have healthy little passion fruit coming through. Make sure it's the same variety of fruit.
Give it a go. I almost gave up until I tried this.

Apr 17, 2016
passion vine
by: Vilas Shah

My grafted vine is flowering, no fruit yet, this is first time its flowering, i will inform if its give me fruit, I am in West palm beach Fl and eager to see if its give me fruit.

Apr 17, 2016
Pointed gourd vine plant
by: Vilas Shah

Anybody has any info where can I get Pointed Gourd vine plant are Female and male plant in USA please let me know. Thanks

May 18, 2016
Passionfruit love concrete
by: Glyn

All these problems with passionfruit! I have always had passionfruit growing alongside paths or drives. They love to have their roots going under the warm concrete. Hope that helps. Passionfruit plants don't last forever and I have to trim mine back but I also have more than one so that when an older plant gives up, I've got another younger one producing. Always by concrete though! Glyn

May 31, 2016
by: Ray C

I'm sorry to see so many people having trouble growing passionfruit. I'm not bragging, but wish to help those who are having problems with their P/F.
I have 2 vines, planted 2 metres apart, with a total spread of 35 metres along our boundary fence. We get two flushes a year averaging 800 to 1000 fruit p.a
They are planted in typical W.A. soil (sand)on the northern side of a panel fence.
About 8 years old now, I originally dug a large hole, with the usual recommended fertiliser, watered frequently, and still do. Bees are a big factor, and can make a difference. Every year we get at least two storms come through, stripping some of the leaves. We use this time to burrow in and remove all dead stems and runners underneath the foliage. We also have an agreement with the local children, what grows on the outside of the fence is theirs, what grows on the inside is ours - seems to work.
A few suggestions to help -
1. Dig a larger hole than required, fill the bottom with a bucket of fish guts , offal or, if available, a dead lamb. put about 300ml of soil over the top, then plant the P/F. By the time the root system reaches down the offal would have rotted down.
2. Plant on the northern side of a fence or wind break, with a good strong wire network, not wooden trellis.
3. Set up a consistent water and fertiliser program. If its over 34 deg C, water daily.
4. Train the vine along the wires, in a systematic layout. Dont let it do its own thing.
4. When flowers start to open, spray them with a mild solution of Honey and water. To attract the bees, On the flowers, not on the vine.
5. If your fruit are hollow, its a sign of a lack of water.
6. Allow at least 2 years for it to go into full production.
7. Plant small shrubs around the base to help keep the root system cool during summer
8. When you start to harvest your bounty, scoop extra fruit pulp into a bowl, whisk to break it down, and freeze into a ice cube tray for future use, each cube equals 1 x tablespoon of pulp.

If you live or visit West Australia, I would be more that happy to show you our vines.
Kind regards, Ray

Jun 01, 2016
Nelly Kelly passion fruit
by: Jude

My nelly Kelly passion fruit is less than a yr old and has 5 fruit on it, will they ripen

Aug 29, 2016
not enough fruits
by: mike

the growth of the leaves to much . but, with a few fruits. what can i do to get my plant to get more fruits? thanks

Nov 12, 2016
passion fruit infertility
by: Anonymous

I planted 3 seedling passionfruit vines from the one fruit and two vines bear loads of fruit and the third vine has just as many flowers but has never set fruit even hand pollinated it still no fruit so this can happen maybe your vine is an infertile one.

Jun 03, 2017
by: Nixon

Black ants just doesn't come to passion fruits vines for the purpose strawling around. They after sugary honeydew left by mites..which is usually a common problem to tender apical shoots of the vine.

Oct 21, 2017
Passion fruit blooms but no fruit formed
by: Emily

I am a community gardener.
My 10 months old passion fruit grown from seed has started flowering and I pollinate with a small painting brush daily around 2pm since the flowers open fully around this time.
I have been doing this daily for the past 2 weeks and it seems to work.Washed the brush daily and let it dry daily.
However there is a few flowers that dries up and drop off as pollination was unsuccessful.
It could be due to the temp of 34 to 35 degree Centigrade.
Or perhaps my watering was not sufficient amount although I sprayed 2 times daily.
Most important of all pls ensure the plant roots is not exposed especially if you spray at the base of the plant main stem. If roots are exposed,cover it well with soil and mulch with dried leaves. The reason for doing this is the roots take up water to supply upward to the plant and flowers should get the water or else it dries up
and dropped off. The same apply for flowering plants grown in a pot "Water it well and the flowers bloom fast and big"

Oct 27, 2017


Mar 01, 2018
Panama Gold Experience
by: Jeanette

I read all POSTS & see the major problem is Flowers and Nil fruit set. Perth, West Australia is my location.
Problem - Hundreds of flowers on Pan Gold (label on vine)not one fruit has set (it is mid Feb 2018) Vine has 4M growth on (pergola)
Experimenting - with Bees, water, pollination tests, fertilizer, daily observing & records.
Will update in April. If you have questions, contact possible via
new member

Jul 08, 2018
by: Anonymous fruit passion

Have done all i could to ensure fruits come. used fruit and flower foliar, many flowers yet no fruit. I saw a bee hope this ends the pain

Oct 05, 2019
Bees ignore passionflowers
by: Rach

I have planted Greek basil and lavender at the base of my black passionfruit vines. They attract a lot of bees. These bees then don’t go near the passionflowers. So I just hand pollinate - putting the pollen on the stigma of the same flower. It works. If I left it to the bees, I wouldn’t get a single fruit.

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