Peas have yellow leaves and broccoli leaves have holes

by Friederike Lehrbass
(Riverside, CA USA)

We live in Southern California( Riverside, hot and dry, I think zone 10) and just started a garden in May. We started it in containers and moved it to a raised bed (w/ packaged soil) in a mostly shaded area 1 month ago. We watered it w/ b-vitamins for a while. And now we have some problems. Some leaves have holes or are gone (esp broccolis). There are some white lines on these leaves. There seem to be a lot of ants around. The peas starting to get yellow leaves and brown at the edges that are drying off. We water almost every day, sometimes twice depending on how hot it is. I haven't seen many bugs. What could be the problems (yellow leaves and eaten leaves)? An answer is very much appreciated. Thanks Friederike Lehrbass

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Jul 31, 2009
Yellow leaves on peas, and broccoli leaves with holes
by: ~ Megan ~

Personally I'd be a bit suspicious of B vitamins for plants. I admit I haven't done research but I do remember it was never proven many years ago, for plants... but I take them myself!

Peas dislike their roots being disturbed so the yellowing might be temporary after shifting. Although peas like cool conditions they do need some sun, preferably 3 or so hours at least of morning or afternoon sun and not the hot midday sun unless it's dappled.
Too much water can cause pea roots to rot, or partially rot, which will affect the leaves.
Other causes of peas with yellowing leaves could be lack of nutrients in your soil mix or mineral imbalance of your soil, especially lack of manganese and iron. If you can get your soil tested, or post a picture online that would be good.

Slugs, snails or caterpillars sound like they're eating your broccoli leaves, go to Organic garden pest control. White lines on leaves could be leaf miners, thrips or spider mites. ~ Megan ~

Jul 31, 2009
Re:holes in leaves, yellow leaves
by: Anonymous

Thanks. So the peas actually dried all up , they didn't transplant well had all gotten tangeled up and so all died. But the beans( I mixed them up) w/yellow leaves kept loosing more and more leaves and also the beans got yellow, so we had to pick them all and I took most of them out, bed they all died, oh well..too hot for the beans? Or to wet?The broccoli w/ the holes is doing better.Also thanks for the links and advice.

Aug 04, 2009
comment on:' holes in some leaves, other leaves yellow'
by: kate

These are vegetables best raised in a cool season. I live in Northern CA and grow peas and broccoli only in the cooler months. Plant them in the late summer or fall and harvest in the winter and spring. When I tried to plant peas in the spring they just went to long stems and very little flower or fruit as soon as the warm weather hit. A winter harvest is abundant - even with the rain and cold. Most brassicas (like your broccoli) like the cooler weather to grow. Do not cover them except in case of frost.
Beans (green beans - pole or bush) like the warm weather and summer is a good time to grow them if you want a legume in the summer. A nice green veggie for summer might be zucchini if you like it - though it is not a brassica. Now (Aug, 2009) is a good time to start planning winter crops.

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