Pests digging up garden - who or what is the culprit?

by Rosemarie

What is digging up my vegie patch and eating the seedlings???? They are planted in worm castings. Looks like whatever is doing the damage could be looking for worms. Please help.

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Oct 01, 2009
Pests digging up garden
by: ~ Megan ~

What indeed? I see you are in Nth NSW, Aussie, so the culprit could be...
Wild Brush Turkeys

Take your pick, I've seen damage done by all these lovely furry sweeties. I've seen a brush turkey for example take out a whole row of plants with one sweep of its claw, then peck the soil and plants looking for seeds, and possible worms I think.
We'll need a lot more information to help you, but a good start would be to find out whether the damage is done at night, day or early in morning?
Are your plants actually eaten or just scattered? Could it be snails feasting and say, cats then digging up the soil?
Is there also compost in the garden, in which case sometimes rats could be there?
Have you seen any animal droppings, such as the distinctive wombats?
This time of year, springtime, the birds go mad looking for worms and bugs to feed their babies and often decimate seedling by mistake?
Tell us more and/or post up a photo.

Oct 02, 2009
Pests digginhg up garden
by: Rosemarie

Thank you, Megan, for your comments. After a very careful check of the wire enclosure of my vegie patch I found a spot just big enough for a rabbit, an echidna or the like to get through. I closed it up and so far so good......... Hopefully, the little soandso's have got the message.

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