planting out seedlings of sweet corn

by Bill
(Clinton, MD)

I purchased these 12 corn plants at a local Lowes and have not put them in the ground yet because of the strange weather we are having here in Maryland.
I've had them for about 3 weeks. Their leaves are turning yellow to brown, why?

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Apr 15, 2012
Corn NEW
by: Ellen from Georgia

If the corn is turning yellow to brown i would say it is dying. We planted our corn three weeks ago out side and it is six inches tall. If you can't plant it out side plant it in bigger containers in the house. It is better to try some thing instead of just letting it die. We planted our tomato plants out early, because they were leaning over and going limp so when the weather took a turn for the worse freezing temps. We cover them up with buckets and small pails and they survived the two days of frost and even have tomato's on two of them. So far we have 48 tomato plants in the ground, potato's are up also.

Apr 23, 2012
Seedlings not planted out NEW
by: ~ Megan

Yes, definitely sounds like they are on the way out.

Poor little sweet corn... itching to stretch their legs and GROW, but crowded in a little pot with nothing to eat or drink!

It's unfortunate that the weather stopped you planting them out, but they still needed feeding and watering. A weak liquid fertilizer once or twice a week, and never drying out would be the solution if one has to keep seedlings a while before planting out.

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