Purple King Beans leaves at the bottom of the plants turning yellow and dying off

by Paul

I am growing Purple King Beans on my balcony, the plants are in a pretty big pot, and have grown happily to about 3ft high and are now starting to grow along the balcony railings.

The first leaves that emerged from the seeds are now starting to turn yellow and die, is this normal? I've never grown beans before, the rest of the leaves are a very healthy green colour, and there are new leaves sprouting every day.

Should I be doing something to help the plants? Or do these leaves usually die off once the plant is more established?

Some advice would be great!


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Mar 22, 2013
Yellowing Bean Leaves
by: Kiwi Georges

Hi Paul. Youe bean vine must look very decorative on the railing but as it grows longer it needs more nutrients and as a pot has a finite supply, to allow sufficient nutrients for the new growth, something has to stop using nutrients and in your case it is the original leaves so the they yellow and die. Simple maths, more plant = more more food required. Hope you enjoy eating your crop.
Kiwi George

Mar 25, 2013
by: Paul

Thanks George, i think i was a bit optimistic about growing beans on the balcony, since its started grown beans the plant had declined rapidly! we've got about 7 good size beans but the plant is buggered. Shame, i'll prob put it out of its misery soon. Everything else is growing really well though!

Thanks for the comment.


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