Raised bed size

Is it okay to have a vegetable raised bed size to be 9x9?

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May 05, 2009
Nein, 9x9
by: Barney Five

Only problem with a 9x9 is you can't reach to the middle. Better have two 4x9's with a two-foot walkway between, then you can reach easily to the middle. If you have only a 9x9 space you may have to settle for four 4x4's with one-foot walkways, but it is more difficult to get around in a one-foot walkway.

Jul 23, 2009
raised garden bed size
by: Anonymous

Any size raised bed is fine as long as you plan it so you can work it. Weeding, harvesting etc... If you have to make it so big, put down a stepping stone or two or have a small pathway through it, so you don't compact the soil too much by walking all over it. Have fun.

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