Rhubarb flower

by Lucinda
(Martha's Vineyard Mass zone 7a)

My rhubarb has sprouted globes on top which look like pink broccoli. Is this the flower? should I remove it to keep the plant strong? the plant looks very healthy otherwise.is it still edible?or does this mean it has gone by? help!

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May 28, 2012
Rhubarb Flowers NEW
by: Kiwi George

Hi Lucinda. Yep,remove them or as they will absorb nutrients which the "fruit" needs. Although I have never let mine grow to full flower status I wonder if the flowers will attract the benficial insects which my organic garden needs to control the "nastie". Does anyone on the net have a photo of a rhubarb flower in bloom ? Incedently I had rhubarb on my porridge this morning as even though the Wx is cool the horse manure, seaweed and stable straw mulch keeps the rhubarb producing well. Regards
Kiwi George

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