Root crops - How do I grow large root crops?

by John

The root crops I grow never get large.

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Aug 09, 2009
more info
by: bill t

John,I suggest you give more information on how you are growing your crops before an informed answer can be given.
Yours sincerely Bill T.

Aug 09, 2009
poor root crops
by: john

bill i have had soil test I have tried raised beds I have plenty of water from lake, but I can not even grow any thing much larger than a small marble.
I have had soil test. I have tried raised beds I have ample sun and water. I have added bone meal and other high phosperous fertilizer. I have followed almanack moon planting dates. nothing works. HELP

Aug 11, 2009
Roots crops produce small roots
by: ~ Megan ~

Something will work, because something is not working now and you will need to go through a process of elimination to find out that something! As Bill says, more info please...

A lack of even one nutrient can affect growth. What are the tops of your roots crops like — nice green or pale or yellowing/red, bushy or stunted too? How comprehensive was your soil test? If you're happy with the quality of your soil test, then...
— What about very clay-like soil, or stoney soil, both of which root crops struggle with. They like friable soil — are the roots forked at all, or very hairy?
— Did your seedlings dry out at all when tiny — that can stunt their growth for later?
— Sun is very important for root crops ? do you know how many hours of full sun a day they're getting? It should be 4-6, any less is pushing your luck.
— On the other hand, carrots for example dislike too high temperatures; they're regarded as a cool crop. The different varieties available mean some prefer to be grown in early spring and autumn, whilst others are main crop and can stand higher temperatures.
— What varieties are you growing? What are the different root crops, besides carrot I presume, are you having trouble with? Radishes, beetroots etc?
— Have you tried rotating your root crops? If so, do you always find that still nothing works?
— Too crowded, competing with a crowd of other roots or weeds?

A photo or two would help, so we can see the growth, colour etc? More information is needed so we can turn "Nothing works", into "Temporarily nothing works."

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