round veggie growing with cucumbers

what is the round veggie is growing between my cucumbers?
So I have a little garden and in it I have mostly cucumbers, two eggplants, one watermelon and two zucchini plants.
Now zucchini plants didnt bear any fruit, just lots of flowers, I have couple of eggplants, plenty of cucumbers and in between quite a few strange looking big round green fruits.
What are these? Can it be a result of cross-polination or something edible?
I took these pictures:

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Aug 11, 2014
Round cucumber cross
by: Curious

Are they the apple cucumber variety? Try eating them and see, they could be a cross and be a winner, or NOT! Zucchini flowers need pollinating by bees or do it yourself with a little brush or rub a male flower over a female flower early mornings. If your round fruit are on separate vines from the other vines, they could be some sort of those honeydew melons, or as I say apple cucumbers, or MUTANTS. Curious.

Jul 03, 2015
Round cukes
by: Anonymous

we planted a different cucumber seed this year as I couldn't get all female cucumber seeds. They looked like corgette plants with huge flowers, but have produced round cucumbers, like your picture.

Jan 06, 2017
by: Jay

If it tasted like a cucumber and had fuzz on it, it is most likely a Carosello (in the Melon family). These cucumbers are bitter-free, burpless and do not cross with the regular cucumber varieties, but will cross with Cantaloupe and other melons. There are quite a few of these varieties (with stripes, long, short, etc.) at

Best Wishes!

Aug 12, 2017
Cuke Puzzle
by: Brian North

I planted 3 Cucumber plants in seperate pots, 1st one raged away and produced lots of yellow cukes. The other 2 plants did nothing forages then flowered and produced some very small cuke about 1" long, I was about to give up on them when I spotted just one fruit about 8" dia on each plant but they are different one has a fuzz covering the other has dark green flecks, can't wait to see what they taste like !!!

Aug 23, 2017
Answer to what is the round thing...
by: RiversideGirl

It's a Round Mandurian eaten when they are about the size of a baseball... wash off need to peel , when gets thick when they grow large.. :)

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