Runner beans growing in withered pods

My runner beans are growing in very limp looking pods.
They taste ok but what causes this. I put it down to the growing season we have had but never had this before

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Sep 19, 2012
Limp Runner Beans NEW
by: Kiwi George

O.M.G. where to start with a reason but as I have never been this unfortunate with my beans I can only run through all the usual problems. Your note that the season has been off line, as it has been here in Wellington New Zealand, is my best guess, unless there are signs of a biological problem, eg fungus, is watering. My second guess is a type of stem borer which has decimated my tomatoes in the past. No outward signs until suddenly the plant goes limp and the only cure is to destroy the plant and hopefully the borer caterpillar inside the stem. As you do not mention the status of the leaves I assume the plant has had sufficient food and is otherwise healthy. Please let me know if you define the cause.
Kiwi George

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