seaweed infested with bugs

I just started to fill my new raised beds in preparation for next spring. I started with 1/2 composted horse manure then went to the beach & found dried seaweed & added that. While giving it a little mix I noticed the seaweed was infested with bugs. I don't want to have to truck it away & start again! How can I get rid of the bugs without using chemicals of course. If I composted the pile & got a good heat going would that kill the bugs? What should I do? Thanks

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Oct 12, 2010
Seaweed bugs
by: George Harding

It would be interesting to know the type of bugs you are questioning. As a "Seaweedphobic" I have been using it as a fertiliser, soil conditioner, foliar feed and bug deterrent etc since starting my first organic garden in 1966. I have now initiated 9 more gardens all over NZ due to a 25 year RNZAF career requiring 18 house changes. The most common bug I find is "Sand Hoppers" which are not a problem as they die off very quickly and contribute to the "biota" in your compost heap
Happy composting

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