Slow growing peppers

by Becky
(Woodville Wisconsin)

My peppers are growing sooooo slowly! What is up and do you think they will catch up? It is already July 6 and mine are only about 4 inches tall. I started them indoors from seed and we had some cooler weather when I transplanted them.

What can I do? Thanks.

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Aug 15, 2009
Peppers growing slowly
by: ~ Megan ~

Hope your peppers are growing faster by now. Cool weather when transplanting probably gave them a shock, especially as you may not have hardened them off from the warm indoors. You don't say how much sun, water, and how rich the soil is, but make sure your plants get plenty of all these essential growing conditions.
If your peppers are growing slowly still, send in more info, maybe a photo and description of leaf colour, soil, what compost or fertiliser you used, sun position etc, and we can help more. ~ Megan ~

Jun 01, 2010
Old seed?
by: Anonymous

I've noticed a big difference b/w 'fresh' seed and seed that is several years old with peppers as far as vigor goes. Might check to see how old your seed is or whether it was stored in warm and/or humid location?

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