Small white moths have invaded my garden.

Can I safely use mothballs spread around? If not what will work? From what I've read they inject a gemini virus that causes a mosaic, yellow leaves and leaf curl.

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Aug 01, 2012
Don't use mothballs in the garden
by: ~ Megan

Mothballs contain naphthalene which is an insecticide - a poison; don't use them in the garden. In fact don't use them at all.

Many people who have put mothballs or naphthalene flakes in their cupboards or carpets to stop moths and silverfish, wonder why they don't feel very well... well they are very slowly, very minutely being poisoned. Pets and kids suffer even more.

Alternatives are natural camphor, lavender and sandalwood.

Your moths sound like a whitefly infestation, and unless you are in an area where the whitefly are known to carry the mosaic virus, then it's not a cause for concern.

Small amounts of whitefly do very little damage, but can soon multiply, especially if your plants are stressed in any way, such as lacking in water, short on nutrients etc.

Hose them away, giving a good burst several times a day, and/or try the other whitefly deterrents at Natural Garden Pest Control

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