Sow bugs (pill bugs) eating seedlings

I have been told several times that sow bugs are not bad, that they only eat decaying matter. I have millions of sow bugs in my yard and they are eating my plants, they have devoured my vegetable seedlings down into the ground. I have seen them. I am trying to have an organic garden. Please help. Thanks.

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Jul 03, 2014
Pill bugs remedies
by: Tui

I have found that these insects don't like to be in the sun. I had to clear away a lot of damp material and expose my plants to more light and heat, at least around the base of my plants. Also using the garlic, chili and soap spray lightly on the ground in the evening sent them packing quickly too. Good luck, just remember to keep at them to reduce their numbers.

Oct 09, 2015
pill bugs
by: nicole

we have them too

Jun 08, 2021
get sowbugs with yeast NEW
by: Tom, Ozark Gardener

I added a lot of woody compost to my beds. Since then i have had a lot of sowbugs. They are trying to help by digesting the woody material. But they have killed seedlings and even harmed large plants. After reading I put out little bowls of water with baking yeast added (I'm told beer works too). I burrowed the little bowls into the beds until the tops were almost even with the surface of the beds. At night the sowbugs get active and fall into the yeast mixture and drown. I don't want to get rid of all of them, just the ones doing damage in the beds. This has been very effective! Also if you put down boards or cardboard they will collect underneath where you can then remove them.

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