Squash not ripening - Huge squash not turning yellow

by Lisa
(Lebanon, TN)

Why does my squash get too big before it turns yellow?

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Jul 31, 2009
Huge squash not ripening
by: ~ Megan ~

It might be worthwhile getting a soil testing kit and checking your acid/alkaline pH balance.
You could have too much nitrogen which promotes growth, especially leaves, but sometimes fruit which just keeps on growing without ripening. If that's so, you can correct the soil over time by incorporating well aged, dried grass, leaves or compost, or woodchips, but this won't help with your current crop.

If there are more flowers on the vine, remove those, so the plant concentrates on the existing fruit.

Other things like getting enough sun and warmth are important. Also some varieties are huge and take longer to ripen, in which case you'll notice one day that at last the ripening has begun. ~ Megan ~

Aug 04, 2009
big squash, lisa lebanon tn
by: bill t

I suspect an imbalance in you fertilizer, or you just have a big squash variety. do they eventually ripen with time? You say they get too big before they turn yellow. If this is so maybe a bit of patience added to your recipe for growing your squash is required.
Cheers Bill T. :)

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