Starting a veg plot on an old lawn

by Richard
(York, England)

I have a roughly-sown lawn and have let it grow long. I realise that I need to cut it short, but after that, can I get away with laying mulch on top to kill off the grass, or should I dig it over first?

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Jul 01, 2009
Unwanted grass
by: Bill totten

start with newspapers, as many as you can get from friends, neighbors all and sundry. Lay your newspapers as thick as you can,overlapping by at least half to a whole page. Then put down some mulch or a thick layer of compost,say about 50mm thick. Next bales of pea straw lucerne or any kind of straw bales you can lay your hands on.Now you should be pulling the bales apart as slabs to cover your area again over the mulch,compost. I would then apply a generous application of blood n bone and potash and water in thoroughly. When you start planting you will have seedlings which you have bought or propagated yourself.Plant your seedlings into the straw with added potting or compost mix. Then carry on caring for your plants as you would in a dug garden.
Once you have the above started all you have to do is carry on doing the layering except for the newspapers. All is a cycle repeated with the end result,beautiful crops whether they be for the palate or eye to enjoy.
Happy no recuring grass and no digging.
Yours Bill T. down under

Jul 02, 2009
by: Richard

Just a note to say thanks, Bill, for taking the time to answer my question!

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