Quit For Good
Stop Smoking Program

If you are a smoker who wants to quit smoking, or have tried to give up and failed, you will know that one of your biggest fears is the stress that the dreaded nagging urge to smoke can cause you.

If you have tried quitting you will know that pitting your willpower against these deep-seated habitual urges to smoke causes stress. This stress increases the urge to smoke. A no-win situation!

Paul - quit for good program developer

Hello, my name is Paul and I developed the original Quit For Good 7-day Plan.

Here is good news!

My 7-day Quit For Good Plan is unlike any other method you have tried or heard of before.

Here are a few of the important reasons. . .

  • It helps you eliminate stress from the quitting process
  • It uses totally harmless but very effective psychological methods to wipe out those subconscious urges that made it so hard for you to quit in the past
  • It is one of the most economical courses available
  • It is surprisingly simple and easy to follow, plus eliminates the common fear of smokers—that stopping is both painful and difficult
  • In 7 days, like thousands of smokers before you, you really will Quit For Good.

Why did I develop this extraordinary successful course?

Like you, I was one of the 80% of smokers who smoked but wanted to give up.

Like you, I tried using different stop smoking methods, including cold turkey, but still couldn’t break my 30-a-day habit.

In my case, the breakthrough came when I was studying advanced behavioural psychology at Otago University.

Innovative experimental work in this field showed how new helpful information could be quickly implanted into our subconscious to develop new beneficial patterns of behaviour.

Because smoking is one of the most difficult habits to kick, my PhD supervisor at the university, Professor David Marks, suggested we conduct an experiment using these breakthrough findings.

We developed an experimental 7 day Stop Smoking Plan and tested it out with heavy smokers. The results went far beyond our expectations.

The quit rate amongst these smokers was more successful than anything we could find for any other method in the scientific literature.

We were inundated with requests to run courses. Would you believe, since then, many thousands of smokers (more than 35,000) have been through the course and have successfully re-programmed their subconscious addictions and quit.

An independent study by Heylen Research showed that 83% of smokers successfully quit using our method. See results here here

For myself, even as I wrote the first experimental course, I was able to quit. From a 30-a-day smoker, I quit, and have never smoked again.

You can too... you can quit smoking once and for all... really! Because that same course has been bought right up-to-date and is now available to you in audio format.

It's just like being in a live course, because as you listen and go through the hour or so each day of the program, you are actually participating and actively absorbing the material whether you are on your own or with a friend or group.

If you are ready to become a non-smoker, order your copy of the Quit for Good Stop Smoking Program now for only:


Now I am sure you are asking: what makes this method so unique?

And why is it so effective?


. . . Have you tried quitting before?

. . . Have you found other methods that promised they had the answer—but still didn't work for you?

. . . Do you know why those other methods FAIL?

. . . Why so many smokers, who managed to stop smoking for a while, are now SMOKING AGAIN?

The reason is well known to specialist psychologists who study nicotine addiction . . .

The fact is, you yourself have unknowingly built up subconscious craving habits that now control your behaviour patterns and that tell you when you need to smoke!

You may be surprised to learn that the actual nicotine drug leaves your system within about 48 hours of the last cigarette you smoke.

So if you've tried quitting 'cold turkey' before, and failed, it was mainly due to your need to satisfy your subconscious craving for the stimulus, comfort, and enjoyment of the smoking ritual that has become an ingrained habit.

The need for another nicotine 'hit' was part of it, of course, but trying to use conscious will power to overcome your subconscious cravings only served to create more stress.

And habit told you—a cigarette relieves stress!

No wonder other systems often don't work long term. Simply weaning your body off the need for the nicotine drug by slow stages does not address your basic subconscious demands for the feel, taste, and ritual of lighting up and taking those first, satisfying draws.

So don't blame yourself if other methods haven't worked for you in the past.

You simply got caught by their broken promises!

* But now you are going to learn how you can easily and quickly train your mental power to erase those subconscious urges from your mind and to free yourself, once and for all from the desire to smoke.

* For the first time, you are going to experience the power of your conscious mind to de-programme those addictive, long-established behaviour patterns.

* You are about to discover how to apply the ability that you, and all of us have in our minds to take control, empower yourself and eliminate unwanted habits and urges and simply wipe them from our subconscious!

* You will be amazed as you follow this stress-free plan to discover how quickly you will lose the desire to smoke.

* How quickly, in even the first two days, you will cut down to just a very few cigarettes.

* Most surprising of all—you will find you are not asked to use willpower to resist the urge to smoke.

* Trying to exert willpower causes stress. And stress heightens that desire to smoke.

* That is why you will learn effective stress-free methods that use the power of your mind to take control of your subconscious—without pitting your will against your addiction!

But, you ask, how can just listening to an audio program really help me quit for good when other, often much more expensive, methods may fail?

Maybe you have looked at books or methods that touch on the subconscious part of your addiction. Perhaps you have listened to so-called 'self improvement' CDs before, or other motivational audio or DVD programmes that encourage you to take certain actions.

You are probably wondering how just listening and following along to my course could possibly have the power to break your smoking addiction.

Let's be quite clear about the fact that these audio sessions use entirely different psychological techniques from those conventional style motivational programmes.

The Quit For Good program is constructed on the latest scientific behavioural modification methods. It is so comprehensive, you have everything you need to successfully change your life . . .

  • As you listen to the instructions you will travel on dramatic mind-journeys that take you through imaginative sequences that will indelibly imprint on your mind the shocking harm your body suffers when you smoke.
  • There are other sections of self-analysis that let you identify and target the impulses that drive you to smoke.While listening intently you will actually participate in forceful cigarette smoking experiences that are designed to exorcise those deep seated attitudes you have developed about the pleasurable experience of smoking.
  • You will discover what really takes place in your body as you experience powerful physical sensations that will eradicate the false enjoyment you now feel on lighting up.
  • The audio voices will awaken powers you may not have known you possessed, as you allow your imagination to take you on journeys that, we should warn you, will break down those barricades that so far have stopped you feeling the real sensations of inhaling nicotine.
  • Quite deliberately, the voices create indelible, overwhelming images in your mind that have the power to de-programme those subconscious controls that currently urge you to smoke and to enjoy the experience.
  • Quite deliberately, the words and actions you will do, will set up patterns of loathing and distaste at the very thought of inhaling nicotine ever again!

No other stop smoking method has ever recognised this need to eradicate completely these deep-seated urges from your brain. Or known how to help you erase the patterns programmed into your subconscious.

So frankly, the Quit For Good audio course sessions ARE unique in the world.

Nearly 40,000, (and growing fast) smokers have quit for good using the same material that is now made available to you. Now the compelling power to control your subconscious mind can be yours!

The power that will literally transform your life — not only by becoming a non-smoker totally free of nicotine — but also knowing that it was YOU WHO DID IT — you achieved your aim without the use of chemicals, drugs, hypnosis, or other invasive therapy or external aids.

Nothing was done to you, you did it yourself. It's such a great feeling having that control! There is no prolonged withdrawal period, no dangerous or uncomfortable side-effects ... and you won't need to concern yourself about the probability of relapse.

You will win simply by applying the power of your mind yet without using stressful willpower!

Your success will strengthen your self confidence in many other ways too. It will raise your self-esteem once you realise you can control your life — free of addictions.

Why would you want to delay any longer to experience such freedom?

I have seen; I know; and therefore I am absolutely sure that if you follow exactly, the carefully formulated step-by step-method described in this course, it will be impossible not to be equipped with everything necessary to completely stop smoking—and therefore—I'll take the risk out of trying it by giving you a full guarantee. Here it is . . .

Quit smoking for good program guarantedd seal

"Follow the Quit For Good 7 Day Plan, and if you do not stop smoking, return it to us within 30 days of receiving it and your money will be refunded in full."

So you have nothing to lose!

Thank you for reading this letter ... if you wish, please continue to find out more information on this website and carefully consider your life and your options. There are many methods, good and bad to stop smoking... however, this one works, plain and simple.

I do sincerely hope you will join me and all those other smokers who found their freedom from nicotine through my ground-breaking method.

Yours in health, happiness and freedom!

Paul S

And look at these bonuses!

101 Tips to Stay Quit Smoking

Bonus No 1

Never Think About Smoking Again
with101 Tips to STAY Quit!

Downloadable e-book (Normal retail value $29.95)

The ultimate follow-up AFTER quitting smoking

So simple to follow and apply. There are 101 tips on how to fill up your time, occupy your mind, keep you on track and give meaning to your life ? after quitting smoking.

The methods explained in this downloadable e-book will get you quickly and safely into the same way of life that non-smokers are. They are written by former smokers! These are pearls of wisdom, the very best of what worked for others... their pet favourites.

All this takes a few minutes to pull up a chair and browse through the pages and sort out which tips jump out at you, which you can highlight and save.

You can in fact get going within a few seconds after downloading the book, because the sharply focused case studies show exactly what to do and how it will work for you!

There's no wasting precious time wallowing through pages of instructions and airy fairy theory... each and every one of the 101 terrific tips... all 112 pages, contain specific details which are straight to the point and eye-popping in usefulness.

Some of the tips you will use in the next five minutes, some you wouldn't want to be without for a couple of weeks, and others you'll keep for a lifetime.

Many of these secrets are unique and sometimes even quirky methods that have been stored in the minds of former smokers up till now, without them realizing that others wanted to find out too!

So after nearly a year of interviews and research, the best of the best tips which have been revealed to me, have been tested and I am now proud to provide this information to others.

There's none of this "take a deep breath, have a glass of water and suck air through a straw," in here.

Everybody knows those, and certainly water and deep breathing are excellent, but heck, how depressing, when you get hit in the face with a craving spike to only have those standbys to resort to.

"The best money I've spent all year!

As for the 101 tips, even my husband who has never smoked, loved it. He said he found some thought provoking ideas to follow, which turned out to be perfect for solving a decision he needed to make. As for me, your book opened my eyes to a whole new world of opportunities. I'm too busy and happy to even think about my silly old expensive smoking habit again. MJ & WJ

P.S. We all had so much fun with your "Spicy Tricks section," Absolutely loved it — they are part of our life now!

These best of the best tips to make your new non-smoking life run smoothly and stress-free cover such things as:

  • Worried about weight gain? Wait 'till you see how Ron solved this in his catchy and amusing way. His specific plan, his list, and the exact way he bribed his office to make it all work to his favor. (Tip No.73)
  • Stuck in inertia? Many people can't get motivated unless something comes along to shock them into doing so. Read what happened to Frank, his painful experience and how he used it to his advantage to quit smoking and stay quit. Scary! But this will inspire you too. (Tip No. 14)
  • Calling all cooks, or wannabes. "These ideas I found absolutely indispensable." Says Clare in her unique way to fill up her old smoking time and stop any possibility of recurring nicotine thoughts... and win hands down. (Tip No.61)
  • Have you any idea what utter power you have over yourself—if you know how to use it? Take a leaf out of Kay's book and her great little trick that proved better than hypnosis. (Tip No.18)
  • You won't get caught by the razzle dazzle of glamour, peer pressure or cool factor with this. Bonny's 'bright' idea around the kitchen table gave her an eye-opening 'aah ha' life moment. Turn the corner with your own great 'aah ha.' (Tip No.6)
  • What can lift your spirits higher than the clouds, and make your whole reason for living meaningful? Dimitri will tell you, and show you what you need to do to be a deeply satisfied non-smoker. (Tip No.13)

As you can see, when you get your hands on this Never Think About Smoking Again e-book it will be one of the most powerful investments you ever make, and at the same time it is the last time you will ever need anything else to help you along with life and all its ups and downs.

I personally believe that if you just got the e-book bonus today you'd already be getting over-the-top value, but I have 2 more bonuses that I really want to give you absolutely FREE

Happy hands bonus to Stay Quit Smoking

Bonus No 2 "Happy Hands"

"How to occupy your hands without a cigarette"
12 page downloadable e-book (Normal retail value $27)

Never be bumble-handed or helpless again. No need to feel self-conscious or incomplete without cigarettes.

Here are 21 clever little tricks to use instead of feeling awkward or just plain not properly dressed!

These neat pep ideas are all legal, moral and sensible—don't worry, and they're so natural that nobody except you will know that you are actively practicing them to take you mind and hands off your old smoking habit.

Easy, fun and practical to read, this is the answer to that old humbug of what to do with your hands once you've quit smoking.

Don't go to town without it!

Get handy bonus to Stay Quit Smoking

Bonus No 3 "Get Handy"

"19 things to hold and do instead of smoking"
8 page downloadable e-book
(Normal retail value $27)

Yes more handy stuff for you, but once again, indispensable.

These 19 helpful handies are slightly more complicated than the above 21 clever tricks. Why? Because they involve...

  1. Equipment: Once you get some of these inexpensive hobby tools you will be set, eg: string, cards, paper etc.
  2. Do I look funny looks? Some people might join you; some may just stare for a moment intrigued that you are obviously practicing something quite interesting.
  3. It takes two to tango: Two or more people needed to do these handies.
  4. Practice, practice, practice: Great ideas, with a bit of skill to master.

So why not get going now?

Order your Quit for Good Stop Smoking Program plus 3 great bonuses from our secure order page for only $49.95

  • MP3's are immediately downloadable. Yes, you can have it at your fingertips today!
  • Price includes postage & packing for CDs posted out.
  • Click here if you wish to order by phone or post.

Don't forget our 100% guarantee gives you the confidence to take this important step to your new life of freedom.

We see the results and are completely confident to offer this no risk security to you.

PS: Bit scary making this big decision? I would encourage you to remember this... throughout the world now there are a large number of people who once faced this moment, like you face now.

Because they said, "OK, I'll give it a go," they are now permanently smoke-free, guilt-free and enjoy all the other health, wealth and social benefits of a life without their former addiction.

One decision, and one week, was all it took.

PPS: AND remember with this stop smoking program you are safe with our 100% guarantee.

ORDER NOW — only $49.95 with 3 great bonuses.

C'mon, join others and claim your freedom to have
a guilt-free, happy and healthy life from now on!

"So easy to follow, so simple to do..." Justin


Michelle from Noosa says:
"I loved this course from start to finish, couldn't wait to get to the next day's session. Truly great!"


Crystal writes... "My commitment wasn't 100% at first because I was afraid of failure again, but wow, as soon as I realized I really was able to stop smoking, I was almost more scared of the heady feeling of the new me as a non-smoker!"



We have a large number of testimonials on file. From the many, many thousands of happy ex-smokers, who have used this stop smoking program, I have put some of their words on this page, and there are more here. Remember they all STOPPED SMOKING and they all gained far more motivation and skills than with any other method currently available.

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