Stopping Squash bugs

by Nancy

How can I get rid of squash bugs? Last year they quickly destroyed my squash and pumpkins, my husband even tried chemicals and it did not work. Anyone with info, please help

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Apr 19, 2012
Squash bug control NEW
by: ~ Megan

It's best to catch these stinky bugs in their egg or nymph stage. Look under the leaves for groups of small eggs, usually right in the angles of leaf veins or leaves and stem - squash them. The eggs hatch about mid-summer on, so you will have time to catch them this year.

The adults may still be over-wintering under any old bits of wood or wooden buildings and sheds, so you could clear out these areas too.

If you have hatched eggs, there will be little spidery bugs there - squash them.
The nymph stage is when the adult is still soft and they are red/green colour changing to black/brown – squash them.

If they get to adult stage they are much harder to control and they hide quickly. Their hard shell resists sprays and when you do catch one, you need to really crack and press hard to squash it – stinks too!

Soapy water works somewhat on the later nymph stage and adults, not on the eggs. Give a good squirt of natural soap or dissolve soap flakes in warm water, and fill up a liter spray bottle with the liquid. Spray weekly, every surface of plant and ground where the bugs are.

Other ideas:
Apparently a vacuum cleaner will suck them up.
Nasturtiums planted nearby may repel squash bugs.
Grow resistant varieties.
Rotate where you grow them each year if possible.

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