Strange Pepper and Mystery Plant

by Ellen from Georgia
(Colbert, Georgia)

I have a mystery pepper that came up in the middle of jalapeno and banana peppers. I let it get completely red before picking it hoping it would be sweet. Not the case - it was hot, as hot as the jalapeno. Could it be cross pollination?

In this pepper patch I planted 12 jalapeno's 4 banana peppers, 4 habanero peppers 4 green chili and 4 green pepper. I also planted 4 Tabasco peppers but up at the top of the garden.
All these pepper plants are still producing, I understand now don't ever plant 4 habanero plants.

This is the first year I have done hot peppers, next year more sweet peppers, I have canned, froze, made salsa and pickled peppers.

Thank goodness for a next door neighbor who loves hot peppers he gets a bag every three days.

The last picture is a plant that was given to me and I really don't what it is. It is supposed to be a form of a salad plant?
Thanks Ellen from Georgia

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Oct 17, 2012
Many green peppers turn red NEW
by: Anonymous

If you leave a standard jalapeno on the plant long enough they will turn red. Other "green" peppers do this also. This one just may be ahead of the pack ;-)

I'm also growing some "mild" jalapenos that turn orange when fully mature. However, they taste so mild you'd think they were miniature bell peppers.

Oct 17, 2012
Strange Pepper NEW
by: Ellen from Georgia

Is it possible the pepper cross pollinated with the jalapeno and the banana pepper? Because I have red jalapeno's that are on bush and have picked them. This pepper is not shaped like a jalapeno it looks like the starting of a bell pepper then the shape changes. I'm saving the seeds from it and will plant more next year and not so close together. I'm still getting peppers in Oct. there are still blossoms on the bushes especially the jalapeno's. Next year I'm going to plant much more sweet peppers and not so many hot. Thanks for the information..
Ellen from Georgia

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