sweet meat squash not sweet

by Jo
(Burlington, WA)

Why doesn't my sweetmeat squash taste sweet? It grew beautifully and prolifically but it isn't sweet.

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Nov 14, 2014
sweetmeat squash NEW
by: Kate

I'd never even heard of sweatmeat squash until I read your question. So, I googled it and on the website for Territorial Seed Company their advise for harvesting any of the Cucurbita is: "For the best sugar content, cut the stem an inch or so from the body after the first light frost, and if the weather is dry, let them cure in the field. If temperatures drop below 25°F, bring your harvest inside and store in a cool dry location."

The link to this page is

Here in the south San Francisco Bay area my yards mini-zone may not even get a frost every year. We can have some kind of crop year long, but I don't start my hard squash until July in an attempt to get some cool weather onto the winter squashes. The cold weather apples don't perform very well here, most years it just doesn't get cold enough to get really sweet juicy fruit.
Good luck on nest year,s crop - let us know how it goes with the sweetmeat and what you do (or what the weather does) differently.

Nov 14, 2014
Why sweet isn't NEW
by: Jessieann


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