Tap water or no tap water on vegetable garden

by Marc
(Monterey Park, CA. USA)

I was wondering if tap water is ok for vegetable garden. I have been putting water in buckets and letting the chlorine to air out of water. But it has become more of a job. As the garden grows I have to get more buckets to water everything. Having the correct answer would help me out a lot.

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Jul 31, 2010
Watering plants with tap water or rain water best
by: Karl

You're doing the best thing by getting rid of the chlorine, because plants can absorb it they say.

There are filters to buy to put on taps which might suit you if you water a lot.

Fluoride is another chemical in some tap waters, but there's no filter for outside taps for that unfortunately.

I haven't bought a filter because I use a rain barrel which is set up to catch water from the gutter above it off my roof.

I think the risk is tiny of chemicals absorbed by vegetable plants, but if it is possible to avoid then do so eh!!

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