Three sisters method of planting

by Patty

I've been reading up on the three sisters method of planting corn, beans and squash. I was wondering how you work your way thru the beans and corn to pick with the squash leaves on the ground. Afraid I'd walk on something! Also are pumpkins considered squash. Could I grow them instead of say zucchini?

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May 05, 2009
Long Arms
by: Barney Five

Unless you have very long arms make your beds only four feet wide with at least two feet between for walkways, then you can reach in through the plants to harvest your bounty without the necessity of treading down any of the plants. An added benefit of this arrangement is that you don't compact the soil in the beds. As your beds continue to gain fertility you can plant closer together and more than make up for the space taken by the walkways.

Jun 05, 2010
3 sisters planting of corn, beans and squash
by: Megan

Yes, pumpkins can be grown, or any vine. The idea is that you cover the ground with this method of planting. This helps stops weeds, shades the soil from hot sun with large leaves and keeps in moisture.
Read more about three sisters on this page: Intercropping-polyculture

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