Tomato growing problems

by toni
(Melbourne Australia)

I am trying to grow tomatoes in a large tub . The plants are growing but the stem of the flowers turn yellow and the fruit are not setting. What should I be doing?

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Feb 07, 2011
Tomatoes in large tub
by: Anonymous

Have you put drain holes in the bottom of the tub? Containers dry out quickly and need to be watered more also you need to put some mulch around the tomato. This will help keep the moisture in the tomato, also I pinch off a couple of leaves near the bottom of the plant.Also you can put crushed egg shells around the tomato plant.

Mar 10, 2011
Tomato growing problems - flowers not setting fruit
by: Megan

I have no idea of any of the conditions you are growing your tomatoes in, apart from a large tub, but it sounds like 'blossom drop' is occurring.

Now what and why? Blossom drop means the flowers don't get pollinated and don't set fruit, so the stem dies and flowers fall off.

1. This can happen because the pollen is not getting distributed – so give the plants a little shake sometimes.

2. Some varieties are affected by temperature extremes from day to night which can cause the pollen to lose its dry, light texture. Early variety tomatoes are usually okay, but mid and later season ones can get caught by high day temperatures and cooler nights – so try a different variety next time. Or mulch and use shade cloth to keep temperatures more constant.

3. Tomatoes like nitrogen, but when the fruit is at setting point, too much nitrogen fertiliser can stop fruit setting and instead promote more growth and leaves – so don't heavily fertilise with high nitrogen content at these times, just a small regular feeding throughout the season.

4. Fluctuations in watering may be to blame – so give a good soak once or twice a week, and especially in a tub, don't let it dry out totally in-between waterings.

5. Strong winds can blow the pollen away, and also stress the plants by tearing at the roots – so provide a wind break or move plants.

Hopefully your plants will improve and you should be over-run with tomatoes soon!

Apr 10, 2011
tomato growing problems
by: bill t

I agree with your coments Megan, but with little infor mation as to the growing situation, Toni it is a bit hard as Megan says to Identify your imediate problem, ie help with a solution.
Firstly, tomatoes are a spring- summer crop. Do not try growing any more untill at least october november in your neck of the woods,planting too early (ie when it is cool)affects pollen set in the flowers,which results in poor fruit setting.When planting out seedlings, make sure you apply a good complete fertiliser.if you find you are getting the same problem as previously in your last season, I sugesst you add a "little" "Sulphate of Pottash" as this helps with fruit set.Follow directions as sugested on packet.
I also suggest one tomatoe plant per large tub, they need a lot of room for thier root system and consequently quantity of fruit per plant.I hope this helps,please ask if there is something your not certain of. Happy gardening Bill T. :)

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