tomatoes disappeared off plant

by verna
(egg harbor twp,nj usa)

we have 15 tomatoes about 3 feet tall. we had a bunch of tomatoes which would have been ripe in about a week but now they're all gone. what could have taken them - they weren't on the ground. this never happened before.

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Aug 01, 2012
Missing Tomatoes
by: Kiwi George

Hi Verna. Not being a resident of the USA I am not familiar with the range of "critters" you have on your patch. My only problem with predation by "the local wildlife", opossums in my case, is my rose buds which apparently are akin to fruit salad to them. My cure was a Conservation Service approved trap baited with an apple. In the middle of the night, "BANG", trap activated and some bulk protein for my compost bin and no more "missing" rose buds. I am sure your Wildlife Service can give you guidance on local critters and safe (for humans and the environment) methods to protect your crop.
Good luck
Kiwi George

Aug 10, 2012
by: Anonymous

Here in DC the squirrels stole my tomatoes for two years in a row. They waited until they ever so slightly ripened, and then they are gone. This does not seem to be a problem that everyone faces, but it was for me. I finally build a cage around my tomato plants this year, and for the first time in 3 years I have ripe tomatoes.

Try and look for the discarded tomatoes around your property. You might be able to use the size of the bite marks to help you identify how big your theif is :)

May 27, 2013
How my tomatoes and other veggies and herbs "disappeared" from my garden
by: Kateillinois

We go away quite often on weekends for my sones travel baseball program. On Friday mornings, I take note of what delicious goodies will be available to harvest Monday morning upon our return. However, more often than not, they would be gone!! I found out a neighbor had been helping herself to my harvest in our absence, not expecting that ANOTHER neighbor was on garden patrol per my request.
I gave her a copy of a gardening book ( anonymously) with a note that read... How to grow your OWN garden!! Haven't been missing any veggies since and nothing was ever mentioned about the incident.

Sep 21, 2016
by: Janine

I had the same problem last year blaming the grandkids until i saw our dog eating them off the bushes!

May 24, 2020
Missing tomatoes
by: Annoyed

After checking my small, medium and large selection of green tomatoes 2 days ago, today they are simply gone! No pieces anywhere etc... I have been babying them for weeks... we don’t have deer, but we do have squirrels, opossum and the occasional armadillo.... this has never happened before, I’m ready to get a BB gun, j/k

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