Treated lawn into garden

HELP! After 15 years of doing a typical 3 step lawn treatment, I would like to add gardening space to my backyard. In the last five years we have added raised beds behind a fenced area where we do not treat, but are finding that is not sufficient space for our needs. I would like to add more raised beds which means I have to move into the treated area. I would also like to add berry bushes which I know will root more deeply. Is there any way I can safely do this since the area has been treated? We have looked to move to the country where we would have more space, but cannot afford to do so.
Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated!

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Aug 08, 2014
Planting garden after weedkiller NEW
by: ~ Megan

From observing various gardens that have been chemically sprayed, it seems that there's no need to stand around wringing one's hands and abandoning that particular patch. Mostly a few weeks is all the waiting time needed before planting.

BUT, it's very important to read the label of the weed killer used. It sounds as though you know what you treated your ground with, in which case this will determine when it's safe to use for a garden.

Weedkillers or herbicides can be pre-emergence, post-emergence or both. The label will also say what sort of weeds it targets, such as broadleaf, small, woody, or just seeds. Many herbicides are contact driven and are taken in by the top growth of plants then systemically affect the plants, inhibiting root growth.

Weedkillers rarely go beyond the top 1-3cm of soil, and by the time they get washed deeper, they have dissipated and lost their affectiveness. As a general rule, wait 2-3 weeks to plant after treatment, but wait 2 months to sow seeds if pre-emergence herbicide has been used.

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