Trimming potato leaves

by roe
(derby mt)

the branches of my potatoes are so large that they are not letting other plants in my garden grow. What should I do?

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Aug 21, 2016
Potato leaves
by: Ellen from Georgia.

I covered mine with duck composted straw laid down flat. Then when the potato leaves popped up, cover again. You can also use dirt.

Aug 28, 2016
Trimming potato leaves
by: ~ Megan

Mound the plants up when they are young and still growing, but once they bush out, the leaves are needed to supply the carbohydrates to produce tubers.

Any trimming is best to wait until your potato plants have flowered and then trim off the flowers only as they will compete with the newly forming spuds for growth.

Otherwise, if your plants have flowered, wait a few weeks and then do a careful check, and if you're happy with the size of the spuds, cut down the green foliage. This will help to toughen the potato skins and make them good for storage.

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