Trying to grow Sweet potatoes

by CJ
(St Augustine, FLorida)

We live in St Augustine, FLorida. We understand that sweet potatoes grow from slips which are started from the potato but we cannot seem to get ours to sprout anything. Can anyone guide us through the process?

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Apr 06, 2011
Sweet Potatoes
by: Annie

I just learned a whole lot about sweet potatoes. Go to this website and click on sweet potatoes, you'll find this guy has a wealth of knowledge about them. You should be able to grow them after reading this.

Apr 06, 2011
Sweet Potatoe Plants
by: Ellen Peavey

Why not just buy some sweet potatoe plants already up at Walmart for $1.65, I got a six pack that are four inches high. I also got some sweet corn that is in a six pack going to try it also. Already have a lot of seedlings up and ready to move out side. Just waiting to make sure the last frost is over, I live in north east Georgia and it was cold last night. So maybe in two weeks, have lettuce ,onions, potatoes, spinach ,swiss chard, kohlrabi, carrots already in the raised beds.

Apr 13, 2011
Sweet Potato Slips
by: Kathy

If you're trying to grow your own sweet potato slips from a sweet potato that you bought at the supermarket, be aware that sweet potatoes sold commercially in supermarkets are very often treated with a chemical that inhibits sprouting, which is probably why you can't get any slips.

May 30, 2011
Support Your Local Small Business
by: Greg Traver

I want to underline what was said previously. Just go buy some plants and get them growing, but please go visit your local independant nursery or gardening center and tell them you want plants that are NOT a GMO (genetically modified organisms) or a HyBrid. Tell them you want a plant grown with heirloom seeds.
As an avid organic gardener I am obviously biased and the reason for that is that plants that have their genetic code tampered with no longer are compatible with your body. Nutrients, minerals and trace elements are no longer being processed naturally with GMO's. The result? Your food lacks the nutrients is should have and includes some things you don't need. The balance of Nature is seriously disrupted.

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