Using eggplants

by Miki
(Auckland, New Zealand)

I love eggplant and I grow them a lot. but I don't know if I can preserve them. Can I slice and roast to(seperately)freeze or freeze whole? I don't think I can boil them.

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Sep 09, 2010
Best way to keep eggplants
by: Ginny Beal

I've tried a whole lot of ways of using eggplants or aubergines to make a big harvest last. I've got a couple of delicious recipe dishes which I make and throw in things such as tomatoes, onions, zucchinis, sometimes olives, capers and more. I then freeze dinner-sized portions for later.
Dehydrating is a no-go because they are such a soggy vegetable. Canning is also no good as it all goes to mush. The best way to preserve eggplants is to keep them plain so that you can use them in most savoury dishes another time.
Here's my now near-perfect way I preserve eggplants
1. Choose eggplants that are not really old and hollow. I've found I don't need to peel them as long as they are not real old dogs with bitter skins and big seeds.
2. Add ½ cup lemon juice to big pot boiling water (about 3-4 liters).
3. Cut eggplants into at least 1.5 cm thick round slices, not lengthwise.
4. Immediately put into boiling pot and blanch 4 minutes.
5. Take out and plunge into cold water, then drain and put in freezer zip bags and freeze. To keep individual slices for roasting, grilling or frying later, put freezer wrap between slices first.
6. Can keep re-using same water with each new batch of sliced eggplants, but don't slice them until ready to blanch. GB

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