Vegetables look heathly but are not producing

by gardener

My various pepper plant (bell, banana, jalepeno etc.) are tall green and healthy looking. The bell plants are producing peppers slowly but the rest are not. Getting a few flowers but no peppers. Also my zucc. and tomatoe plants look great and are getting fruit but are extremely slow to produce. In addition, corn is very slow producing as well.

I live in Missouri and we have been having 100 degree weather for the past few weeks. The garden is in direct sunslight so I do water daily. The soil does not appear to be over watered. When I dig down to check the soil 2-3 inches below it is a med brown appearance and isn't wet but isn't dry either.

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Jul 30, 2012
Why won't they grow NEW
by: Kiwi George

Hi Missouri Gardener. Sounds like a missing nutrient problem. The healthy growth would indicate plenty of Nitrogen but the P.& K. of the N.P.K. trilogy might be missing. Or, as I found after building up my No Dig garden soil with all the compost and seaweed I could find, the soil had become acidic and some lime soon re-balanced the PH. The 100degree heat will no doubt have some effect but as you are watering regularly, have you tried mulching to reduce the water evaporation ?
Gopdd luck
Kiwi george

Jul 30, 2012
Veges slow to produce NEW
by: Anonymous

What about the night temps, maybe where you live there are extreme fluctuations which slow down growth.

And how early or late did you get your veges in the ground, maybe they will come right and just need more time.

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