Veggies lacking size

by Miles
(Auckland, New Zealand)

Hi there, I have a No-Dig organic veggie garden. I created it around 4 months ago. Filling it with Organic compost and then topping it with veggie mix soil.

My problem is - The veggies don't seem to grow at the speed i have seen in other gardens. I believe that this is possibly because water is not penetrating the soil. Can i have some advise as to what could be the problem regarding small plants, and how can i get water to penetrate the surface?

From seminars i have been to on Organic Gardens, i have been told that i should need to dig the soil much. I think because i haven't, the soil has turned to concrete

From an Amateur but keen gardener. Miles

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May 26, 2009
Vegetables not growing well
by: Megan

Veggie mix soil? That's a new one on me. I guess you mean you bought in soil that was suitable for veggie gardens, as opposed to say, rose growing. If so, it could be that the pH is too acid or alkaline and the quick way to find out is to buy a soil testing kit or send a sample away to be tested.
If you have a good layer of compost and soil, that should be enough for the plants' roots to get well established and it doesn't take long for worms and roots to then break up any hard layer underneath. Plus you might have a hard layer on top if water doesn't get through, so worms will help there too. You can buy worms to speed the process up, and keep adding organic material each time after harvesting plants and your soil will soon be beautifully balanced and friable.

Make sure you have a porous layer on top of your soil too - some sort of mulch.

Also your little plants need a decent amount of sun to grow fast, and not have to cope with wind battering them.

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