Veggies not growing and everything looks burnt.

I am growing many veggies started from seeds indoors then transplanted into raised beds with compost from the county landfill. Everything is getting plenty of sunlight and watered once a day to every other day. All plants show no signs of growing and most leaves are turning yellow. Is there a problem with my compost not having enough nutrients?

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Nov 15, 2014
New seedlings not growing NEW
by: Sonny B

It could be the opposite! Maybe the compost you have is too strong for the seedlings? Usually it's best to mix at least half and half soil and compost if the compost is very fresh, especially for young plants. I'd guess that they can't cope with the concentrated nutrients.

If you transplanted the plants from indoors to outside when the weather was very sunny or cold, then the plants might be experiencing shock. Just another idea. Would like to know how they eventually fare and what you did? SB

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