vine leaves yellow and dying of vegetable starts

I just planted my vegetable starts in my garden and the leaves of my canteloupes, watermelons, and cucumbers are yellowing and some are dying. my radishes, onions, lettuce and tomatoes seem to be okay, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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Jul 23, 2011
why young plants dying.
by: Frank

If it’s only your vine plant leaves that are suffering, then it’s probably not the garden soil, of course, you might have used different soil mix or mulch for the vine plants and it could have leftover chemical residue in it, like animal drench in the manure or weedspray on the mulch depending on where you got it from.

Young melons and vine plants don’t like cold nights, or they don’t like to be transplanted if they haven’t been hardened off to get used to harsh sun suddenly.

It could be a fungus or bacteria that got into your plants, like Fusarium Wilt, but you would notice the stems rotting.

Transplanting roughly or lacking water for a time can really shock plants, but hopefully your plants recover to grow well if this was the case.

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