Watermelon, Moon and Stars not showing any watermelons

by Jackie
(Valparaiso, IN, USA)

My watermelons were a little slow to take off after I transplanted to the garden as it was cool and wet for a few weeks after that. Now it has gotten hot they are growing fast and are covered with little yellow flowers, but I have yet to see an actual little watermelon. I have mulched well around all the plants and the soil had been pretty moist until lately. Am I just being impatient, or do I need to water more often or what?.

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Jul 25, 2010
Fruiting tips for Moon & Stars watermelons
by: Don

Sometimes watermelon plants suddenly burst into fruiting and the watermelons then grow before your eyes, so patience is needed. Moon and Stars variety of watermelon can take anywhere from 80 to well over 100 days from planting to harvest. Depending on the vigor of the plant, it's common to remove all but 3 to 6 of the female flowers and tiny melons. This makes for fewer but bigger and tastier watermelons.
Like all watermelons they love hot weather with night temperatures preferrably above 70 deg. They need plenty of compost, but not too much nitrogen or they won't be so sweet. Keep them well watered, but not waterlogged.

Apr 13, 2011
Watermelon blooms
by: Kathy

You may have a lack of pollinating insects for your melons. You can fill in for the bees by getting a small child's paintbrush, rubbing it on a male flower (one without a tiny baby melon behind the flower), and then transferring the pollen to the female flower. Some melons put on a lot of male flowers first, then the female flowers come later, you may be at this stage.

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