White furry pests on tomato plants & spreading.

What are these pests & what is the best 'natural' method sans pesticides of eliminating them...these pests i encounter in Bangalore, India climate & also @ other extreme in abu-dhabi, uae.
On tomato plants & spread to other plants.

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May 18, 2012
get some ladybugs NEW
by: UnclePaulie

Hey there,
Just happened to stumble across this blog and saw your post. I'm not saying its a sure fire thing, but you might want to order some ladybugs and unleash them on your pests. We've done it when we had aphids, and they annihilated those little buggers!

May 19, 2012
ladybug treat NEW
by: Prav

Tx unclepaulie...back in Blore, India, yep definite possibility & will do; However, t hardiest/daintiest of ladybugs will not survive the dessert temps in abu-dhabi during t summers....

May 20, 2012
Try this NEW
by: Annie Low

Mix a tablespoonful of Molasses in a one liter spray bottle, add a touch or a drop of dish washing soap. Give the spray bottle a good shake and spray on the leaves. The sugar will help make the leaves stronger and the soap will allow it to adhere to the leaves. Spay weekly, hope that helps. If your plants are healthy and have a lot of juice, not dry and papery, the bugs will leave them alone.

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