White onion set gone missing after planted

by JR
(West Midalnds)

I have planted white onion set in garden caged by string to stop cats & birds but 2 days ago when checking plot several of the onions were missing no signs of digging or burrowing nor any kind of pecking marks just looks as if I have picked them straight out of the ground just left with perfect round hole they were in, looked again today a few more gone help!

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Apr 09, 2016
onion sets go missing after planted NEW
by: Lucy

I planted 50 red onion sets last Nov and I have only 7 onions plants sprouted what has happen to the other 43 onions bulb I planted. There is no sign or indication on the ground to suggest anything. But I do have lots of moles hills or holes in the ground. Have they been eating by moles or mice?? I am buffered!
Please advice.
Thank you.

May 01, 2016
What's eating onion bulbs NEW
by: ~ Megan

Honestly it's too hard for anyone to know who the culprits are that are ruining your onions. Only you can do the detective work.
Start by looking for footprints to see if any animals or birds have visited. Look for animal droppings, teeth marks etc. We don't have moles, voles or squirrels here in NZ, but possums, birds, rats, mice, even dogs can be a problem.
I'd suggest voles or moles in your case, so have a dig and see the tunnels and other clues.

Try sprinkling chilli or black pepper around liberally. Diluted pee 1-10 and water around and just away from plants - which will also feed them. That is known to deter many animals.
Sympathies, but with gardening it is always about competing and balancing with nature!

May 09, 2016
Gophers take onions bulbs NEW
by: Anonymous

Gophers, they have tunnels underground and pull onion bulbs and other vegetables straight down into their tunnels. Truly, I've seen them do it! Been watching and saw a plant slide into the soil. Have dug down to tunnels and set trap and caught them.

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