Who dug up my rhubarb plants?

by C
(West Virginia)

Something dug up both my rhubarb plants
What would like rhubarb enough to not just dig it up but totally remove every part of it?
I've had 2 wonderful "starts" of rhubarb that have been growing for 2 years. Now they're totally gone. The holes are about a foot deep & the hole is "clean as a whistle."
Thanks charm

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Mar 23, 2012
Disappearing rhubarb NEW
by: ~ Megan

I like rhubarb crumble enough to dig it up – but it wasn't me, promise.

Somebody else has good taste... so who? Do you have a backpackers' Hostel nearby? I say this — sorry most backpackers — because of problems with backpackers caught red-handed raiding gardens and property in a few towns in this part of the world

Back in my heyday it was a few hippies from local communes who were rather good at helping themselves to ripe peaches etc from local private trees.

Am I showing my age here, do hippies still exist?

Apart from 2 legged robbers, possibly squirrels would be likely candidates for digging up plants, but don't ask me how they make the pies? Check if any squirrel or other animal droppings nearby, and let's hope whoever they are, don't return to dig up other plants. Would love to know who the culprits are.

Sep 28, 2014
rhubarb dug up NEW
by: chris

My plant of at least 6 years was dug up a few days ago, too. It was organic and was very healthy. Glad I used it when the stalks were plentiful. Saw some scat nearby, but don't know one poop from another!

Mar 27, 2015
rhubarb plant dug up NEW
by: C.Murphy

My plant was eaten and there was digging around the root this past Fall, also. Plus, I buried a cat near this plant a few weeks ago, and today I spotted several 'tunneled' holes dug around it. I'm wondering if it's a skunk or a possum. I filled them back in with the dirt, and will see what I find in the morning.

Mar 28, 2015
Dead cats and rats! NEW
by: Pipo

Take a bet that it's rats after your buried cat! You must bury pets very deep otherwise dogs and rats will dig down because they can smell so well. Maybe put some netting on the ground around the rhubarb or at least over where the cat is resting, bless it's soul, and give thanks for the rich compost it will turn into to feed your plants.

Mar 28, 2015
rhubarb & buried cat NEW
by: C.Murphy

Thanks for the advice, PIPO

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