Why do my plants die so soon?

by Kimiko
(Seattle WA )

Planted butternut squash from seed May 17th and it is now August 17th and the plants are quite small and just starting to get flowers. Fertilize them with Miracle Grow every 14 days. What could be the problem? Don't think I will have any squash this year.

Is my soil lacking something. This has happened with all my vegetables I tried to grow last year. Last year, Zucchini plant yielded one, Acorn squash 2 the size of a small baseball.
I have had to take out all of the blueberry plants, due to no rootball and then eventually dying. Lost a beautiful tree for no reason too.

Seems like my raspberries will be next. Leaves are all yellow and brown.

Seems everything we plant, even perennial flowers, only last 2 years and die.

Any help would greatly be appreciated.

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Aug 23, 2012
Plants dying NEW
by: ~ Megan

At first it sounds like your plants badly need water? If they don't get enough regular water they will be small with little roots, yellow to dying leaves and hardly any or tiny, missshapen fruits and leaves.

Of course I might be wrong and you are drowning your garden? If so your plants are now dying from waterlogged soil, and unable to breathe or take up nutrients and eventually going rotten.

Miracle Gro has some organic products, but other wise I gather there are added chemicals - so maybe you are overloading your soil with artificial nutrients and creating a chemical imbalance. Miracle Gro also does a peat compost - not a sustainable resource these days.

How about you get a soil test done. Either buy a good soil testing kit and so it yourself, or send samples away to your nearest soil testing place.

Also have a look at your soil composition. Do you need to condition it because it's too sandy or clay based? If so compost would help here.

Another possibility is that your plants don't get enough sun, or are in the firing line of damaging winds that may contain salt or some nearby spraying of herbicide.

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